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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-05 - 6:10 a.m.

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Me & Mahatma Gandhi

I just found a site called Political Compass

you can make there a little test giving you as result how 'left' or 'right' you're considered to be - also with the component how authoritation or libertarian you are. -

Well most of these tests are a lot of bullshit & their results are no truth at all - it's something like reading a horoscope - & you tend to believe more in it if it flatters you or fits your plans.

So here are my results which under the Mc-Carthy area in USA probably wouldn't had allowed me to even visit the country

The red spot is me (probably I wear a red hat & you see me from above)
But on the other side - my result is very similar to that of a rated position of Ghandi - of course he wasn't that libertarian like me, because his life had started about 100 years before I was born & what in that time was libertarian seem nowadays restrictive..

but still on the other side - Ghandi wouldn't had allowed to immigrate to USA under the McCarthy area either..

by the way the adress of this site is:

So go & find your position in the scheme! - Do you tend to be more like Stalin or Hitler or more like Che Guevara, Albert Schweitzer, Charly Chaplin, Bertolt Brecht or Genghis Khan? (But who is Friedmann? - an American politician?)

- hmm - I wonder how I should have answered these questions if I wanted to get the red point exactly in the middle - so being absolute neutral & apparently without any opinion to anything - it would be probably much easier to reach that neutral position if there'd be the possibility to give neutral answers like 'I don't know' - or 'I don't have an opinion about this' - but you can only answer with 'I agree' & 'I disagree' & the comparatives of these..

How would Jesus filled in that test? - I think he just would have refused to fill it - because the poor choice of these few given answers make you in some cases lie to the theme - whenever I made such an test since I youth I felt there was something totally wrong, because I couldn't answer like I would - there are often answers with exceptions & 'but's' - I only say yes to that under certain circumstances, but these circumstances have to be defined precisely - often these tests don't even give you chance to answer the correct answer that's in your mind & your truest belief to that theme - you have in such a test dive in the (often narrow) mind of the test-creator - follow his schemes of imagined truths to that theme & fit in his scheme to what he thinks is right or wrong - in fact the test creator seems to be superior to you, because he sets the rules & you're inside his tricky game - since my youth I was aware that my spirit & mind doesn't fit in these schemes - you have in these tests often to chose between 5 or 6 answers , but often none of these fits to what I think about it - I always had answers in mind that weren't there to be ticked off - as soon as I get aware of that - I know the results must be wrong -

let's see an example:
What's the colour of horses?
a) white
b) brown
c) black
d) green

You see none of these answers is right, becaus horses can have a lot of different colours, but definetly not green, - but they are also not lilac, blue nor a lot of other colours - & to the given answers black, white & brown is also more possiblilites like spotted, grey, lightbrown etc. - a lot of answers you can't just give with one cross to too less (not enough) possibilities

What's the material the moon is made of
d) another kind of stone
e) bone
f) plastic
f) illusion & fantasy

You see: My answer: "Cheese" is not there!"

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