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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-14 - 3:29 a.m.

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Let me introduce blog writer Ahmadinejad to you..

in a country that doesn't have free internet access where most worldwide blogs with freedom thoughts or political contents are blocked & forbidden (like in China) - I heard today that Ahmadinejad has started to write a blog - Cool ey? - This statesman writes a blog - maybe he also starts a career as rap singer soon. -

Of course in a fascist state like in nowadays Iran there exist no public opinions in magazines, papers, radio, tv, internet, but only the allmighty states opinion - all critics are already eliminated, hiding or on the run. - Of course comments will not be allowed in Ahmadinejads blog - there would be thousands of hate comments & thousands&one of blindly praising comments - dictators suffocate any critizism from the begining & all that praising comments - wouldn't that be boring? - So maybe 2 or 3 highly censored comments will probably be allowed per entry.

internet & blogging wasn't yet invented in 1933 - poor Hitler - he could only write his 'Mein Kampf' , but couldn't even blog - he would probably have been a most passionate blogger, telling the world his psychotic true vision how everything should behave in his dark minds eye
& if Hitler & Ahmadinejad would have lived in the same time - they would of course had a lot in common in their blogs & would have been closely linked in a lot of themes - like brothers they would have talked the holocaust, the nation pride, how to get rid of dissidents, & a lot of stuff we don't even dream of. - He would have been a much better fascist partner than Italy or Japan - together they could have ruled the world. - We're so lucky that they didn't lived in the same time..

Ahmadinejad is a man with a vision - a very strange vision - he's charismatic for a lot of people & totally ridicilous to a lot of other people - just like Hitler. - He has his own mind - his own skurility - he's on his way - unconventionally & that makes him so attractive & temptatious - the strange attraction a Mahdi, an Emperor gets - all politicians in the whole wide diplomatic world talk & negotiate, but they just don't act like the primitive man in the bars & pubs & streets wants to act them - if leaders just act to the desires of the bellies of the primitives, desaster is on it's fatal way
- but all the unsatisfied, suppressed people in the world alway wait for such an ridicilious leader who promises to fulfill their needs, greeds, lusts, fears & superstitions - such a leader always leads them to some wellfare succes, satisfies some of the most urgent needs, just like Hamas, Hezbollah & all those 'enlightened path' parties do, but much later on leads their followers to doom.

& if someone likes to assasinate Ahmadinejad - I would even pay him - hmm about 50 cent - no that's to much, so about 10 to 12 cent - that's just what I can afford - But if millions of people who hate those fascist rulers would donate the same amount, we sure would soon find a succesfull assasin. But of course millions of people can't even afford a cent against the Hitlers in our world. - But as the example Hitler showed - it's very hard to assasinate those guys (like Stauffenberg once tried) - if Satan has his card to play out - even if he knows he can't win - he wants to play it out to the deep end

I will continue to read Ahmadinejads blog just like I read the Tehran news, just like a guardian watches the enemy's moves - I always want to know what my enemies think & intend - & I want to be prepared & foresee their evil plans
just like I would like to read Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' too (which is forbidden for good here in Germany) - just to know what he really said & anounnced of his bad intents publicly - because so many people here in Germany afterwards said "They didn't know what was really happening"
- I'm a collecter of all historical facts - just for my maniac desire to know the truth just by examining all these multi-million-different sources I can get -

I dig deeper than most of my surrounding people if anything really important happens in our world & I'm the only Israel-Hezbollah war expert in all my naive German surroundings - they don't even talk about it - that's weird & if they talk - they just repeat what they heard from some cheap propaganda or the usual stuff they hear, see & believe in the news - News can make them believe in anything what's told there - truth is something like a big complicated three-dimensional thing - you only really see it, if you watch it from all sides - left, right, south, north, from above & maybe also from the underground - & why not go inside & watch it from there?
But most people don't like to see it from all sides - that would be very confusing to them & also it would be very uncomfortable to get up from the easy chair to examine from the other side - & of course you have a lot of of partners sitting on the easy chairs of opinion besides you who share your same sight - so why move if all the moles in the same hole besides you conform with you that there is only sky above you & nothing else on the upside, outside world - I'd never been a mole..

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