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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-27 - 3:18 a.m.

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Does anybody care about the Darfur massacre?

I wrote these days about the amount of people who died in the Israel-Hezbollah war (about 1500) & also the Iraq meanwhile religion war where about 3000 people die per month -

But I really really wonder why the world press & daily news tell so little about the massakers & genocide in Darfur, Sudan. - About 400.000 died there in this genocide lead by Sudanese Government, using Arab 'Janjaweed' militias, its air force, and organized starvation & so killing systematically the black Sudanese of Darfur.

I just saw an report where a black refugee from on these massakers by Government militias in her former home village. - She was talking of some of the incredible cruelties that happened in that massaker killing most of her relatives - she lost most of her kids there on the flight - she told of one of her uncles who got hunted down & hitten on the head, till his brain came out - about a cousin who fought back for a while, but then they cut one of his arm off, then hacked off a leg, cut his belly open & teared the guts out & then continued smashing his face - remember government militia -

I really wander why by this big amount of genocide (again by Islamic purists* & of course all the Arabic neighbourhood doesn't protest) there is so seldom anything told about in our news - why does the UN council doesn't intervene? - Are black African lives worthless?

Here you get more informations to the Darfur massacre

*The National Islamic Front (NIF) came to power by military coup in June 1989—deposing an elected government and deliberately aborting the most promising chance for a north-south peace agreement since Sudan’s independence in 1956. This brutal regime quickly purged the military, civil society, and economic spheres of all opponents, and developed a ruthlessly efficient security network. The NIF is responsible not only for ongoing genocide in the western Darfur region, but also for previous genocides in the Nuba Mountains of southern Kordofan Province (beginning in 1992) and the southern oil regions (primarily in Western and Eastern Upper Nile Province).

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