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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-28 - 12:39 a.m.

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Backyard songs

as I came home these days parking my lilac cute trustful byke in the backyard I overheard a little girl of about 6 or 7 from the neighbour house's yard shouting something to 2 little girls apparently still in 'Kindergarten' age at about the age 4 & 5 on the balcony of our house on second floor.

While I locked my bike I overheard their conversation - the older girl called them to sing a song for her, which the girls on the balcony enthusiastically did - the girl in the yard asked them to sing another song - the girls up there asked: "which one?" - the girl in the yard shouted: "sing all the songs that you know!" -

& so the girls on the balcony did - happy for that attention. After they had sang about 3 more songs they shouted down: "That's all songs we know!" -

The girl in the neighbour yard shouted: "Then I applause 4 times" - which she did - she clapped exactly 4 times her hands (one clap for each song the younger girls had sung) - To me it appeared a bit mockingly - she was apparently enjoying that the naive younger ones had done her will.

Well while these girls had given that balcony concert I had remained in the backyard, also enjoying this little concert for free. -

The girl in the backyard lost interest & went away, while I went in the house. - I live in the 3rd story & when I've been in home in my flat I heard through the open kitchen window leading to the backyard, that the little singer girls had continued to unitedly sing songs from the balcony - & well they knew much more little songs - they must have really got proud & excited for those 4 approval clappings of the neighbourhood girl. - They sang on & on while all audience were since long time gone away..

& if you enjoy children's songs - come over to my house - for some claps of applause - the balcony singing sisters will sing for you for hours & will only stop singing if they'll have succeeded in chasing you away with their endless list of Kindergarten songs!

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