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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-30 - 4:28 a.m.

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Think about it.

I just found a site called where young people from Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Algeria, Pakistan, Syra etc. give blog statements to what's actually happening there or what they imagine what is happening there - the starter of that blog community is Esra from Barain - I only read glimpses of some of the bloggers there

But one of the first things I saw there after I've read Esthers blog from Iran, Yuri Puzi's blog from Israel, Haitham Saba from Palestine & parts of Ammar Abdulhamid - you know I read first the blogs that don't have that much entries yet - but before I left it tonight - to return maybe tomorrow - I had of course to look in the blog of the host to this blog-comunity, Esra with till now 176 entries -
- well I started this sentence with 'one of the first things I saw', was in Esra's blog this diagram about Jewish refugees from Arabic countries since 1948


You see this number: 758.000 - 866.000 or Jews who lived in these countries since about 1000 to 1900 years

Compare it to the numbers of Palestines who were refugees after 1948. (see wikipedia)

The UN estimates their number at 711,000 while the Israeli estimate of the refugees is 520,000 and the Palestinian estimate is 900,000.

& I really wonder why all these Arabic brother states didn't let the Palestinian refugees come & dwell in their countries, while Israel let every Jewish refugee from Arabic countries in. - & why a lot of Arabs still live in Israel & are not in the least danger to be dispelled, while no Jew of course could live or survive in Hamas or Hezbollah land? - & why you can in Israel openly critizise your own government, make demonstrations against war or sympathize with Palestines, while if you do the same the other way round in Hezbollah & Hamas lands you get silenced or killed as a traitor

& think about why some of those deeply anti-semitic countries are meanwhile absolutely Jew-free - not even Germany with all it's holocaust had succeeded in making Germany absolutely Jew-free (well because they got stopped before the Nazis finished their evil work)

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