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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-06 - 2:40 a.m.

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I hope, but I doubt

Kofi Annan said, that the UN forces would not be used to disarm Hezbollah. That job, if it is done at all, will be left to the Lebanese government and army.

Fouad Siniora the Lebanese prime minister said clearly 'no' - he will not try to disarm the Hezbollah

Israel had demanded there should be forces to watch the boarders to Syria & refuses to lift the blockade, imposed to prevent the smuggling of arms to Hezbollah.

Lebanon's Sinioara said, that he had stationed 8.600 soldiers along the Syrian border, but that he would not authorize foreign troops there.

We know that Lebanon wasn't able to control Hezbollah all the years before - now in the wake of the recent war, the withdrawal of Israelian forces & the coming in of the first UN-troups - it was the first time since before year 2000, that Lebanons official armies could reach the South of Lebanon.

"Israel will pull out of Lebanon once the resolution is implemented", said Mr. Olmert of Israel.

'Lebanese leaders have told the UN that they were serious about enforcing an embargo on illegal arms to Hezbollah' - it insists it can control the Syrian border itself, tell that it's army will confiscate every piece of weapon that it finds..

Syria threatened to close it's boarders if there are foreign troups stationed along it's boarders.

It's like 'den Bock zum Gärtner machen' ('to give the goat the gardeners job' - I think I recently quoted that before) - to this theme I found recently in the Egyptian paper 'Al-Ahram' (talking about Lebanons army):

" .. it's just as sectarian as Lebanon itself. Shiites in the army will simply refuse to fight Hizbullah, as will half the Sunnis. The Muslim Brothers, one of the big Sunni organisations in Lebanon, and based in Tripoli, the largest Sunni city in the country, has allied itself with Hizbullah, as has one of the two major Maronite factions under the leadership of General Michel Aoun."

& as much as I like the idea that the democratic government of Lebanon gets strengthened & really rule the country instead of Hezbollah & if you remove the crutches, they will may even be be able to walk on their own

- I really doubt, that momentarian Lebanesian army forces have the ability & will to really control the Syran boarder stop the weapons supply to hezbollah.

& even if bigger parts of the army try to fulfill their task, there will be enough parts of the army who sympathize with Hezbollah & just look away.

So what do 15.000 UN soldiers help if their just on the Israel-Lebanon boarder & on the sea side stationed, if further weapons-deliveries of Iran & Syria continiously trickle through this weak boarder? -

& what should much later on those UN forces at the boarder do if again 1000ths of long range rockets come from deep inside Lebanon, shot by Hezbollah above their heads into Israel. They couldn't even react - because what should they do? - bomb the places where came from? - as usual from shelters right in the midth of supporting civilians? - UN-troups would never do that!

So the most crucial point for the peace keeping UN forces should be to really watch that long Lebanon-Syrian boarder - but I doubt UN & Amman see that (well they see it but they don't see that it's most crucial point)..

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