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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-12 - 3:12 a.m.

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God bless Josephine..

Because of the anniversary of 11/09 there were some broadcasting about what happened there – I saw one documentation, where some actors played some of the scenes that happened there, mixed with interviews with the real people who hardly escaped there & there relatives etc. –

They were trying to show the situations inside the twin towers after the planes had struck in – by what the survivors & survivor groups had told afterwards – so it was showing the trials of those little groups or individuals who tried to escape that buildings from the stories no. 90 to 50 through lifts & staircases – if ever they found them – those above where the planes hit in had no chance at all

Yes, yes – we all know that all since years – but one detail that really impressed me – was the story of Josephine – - while some firemen (a group of about 13 firemen) got aware, that the other twin tower had broken down & it was high time to get out of there to maybe even survive- so they all ran down the stairs & had about 50 stories downwards still in front of them, when they found this black olderly, slightly obese woman with a hurt foot sitting on the stairs – they had to make a decision – save their own lives and/or (who knows?) help this lady (a bookkeeper) down – they decided to help her & carried her story by story down, which of course decelerated their flight downwards extremely –

But as a bit later one the towers in which they were running down – totally broke down – all of them escaped – because the debris of downfalling tower built a small shelter bubble, while all people above them died & all the people under their story got smashed . – they got saved, because they were so slow in their flight by saving that black woman

It was like a story you liked to see in a fiction film (of course not a horror film) – it ends good for those who are worth to survive by their deeds – but as we all know – in real life it about never ends like that – people around everywhere die, by accidents, by crimes, by deseases & you about never know why ..

But in such a cumulative death of 1000ths of victims, where some survived & a lot more of people died – you become to see the real focus of death to people & if you see such a miracle in all that desaster you become to believe (at least me) that God has hold his hand above this small group of people, because he thinks they are worth to live on – we can’t look into the hearts of people – but if you believe that there is a God above us – who rules it all – be sure – he can - & you can die by a wink of his eyelids & you can survive by a wink of his little finger & he can make little bubbles to survive in any catastrophe or desaster if he wants some chosen people to live on, while everything around them gets destroyed..

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