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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-17 - 11:40 p.m.

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Still a rat under my bed?

I told you some time ago that I had mice here - like they invade every view years my attick mansion - since long year's experience I'm well equipped with mice war materials - traps, poison -
but this time - none of them went into one of the traps, but from time to time one of the traps got triggered & closed up, but no mouse in it - that's mysterious - do they know a trick how to trigger them, but not getting caught by 'em? -

OK - clever mice - but I had also put little heaps of poisoned corn on 2 places in the kitchen & 2 in the bathroom (they always come from the kitchen side, which must be by secret tunnels connected to one of the biggest & most popular mice promenades all around here in Nuremberg)

they were eating the poisoned corn like crazy - it was all gone within few days - they must be all dead by now I thought, but of course it would have been wise to close the hole they are coming from -

In all the former mouse invasions I always could find the mousehole & closed it with cement mixed with glas splinters.

But this time I couldn't find the hole. I also heard for some days no mouse signs nor heard any rustling & fissling anymore. -

But precautiously I poured new heaps of that poisoned corn - & let some of them traps ready to kill -

Some days later all the new corn was also gone - I repeated the produre - there must have been lots of them or are there ever sweeping into my kitchen ever new waves of mouse invaders? - may it's the Hun mice? -

So since about 2 weeks the corn heaps stay untouched - they aren't eaten anymore - good sign! - The big invading Hun tribe of mice is all extinguished!

But some days when I came home I heard a real loud gnawing noice coming from the kitchen - I quickly entered the kitchen - the noice stopped - I stood quiet motionless waiting for a while & the gnawing noice started again from behind the fridge - it sounded like there was gnawn on wood, but it was so loud, that I thought it must be something bigger, than a mouse - a rat maybe? - it would scare me to have a rat in my flat (or under my bed) - I went where the noise came from, removed the fridge, but of course I couldn't find anything, cos the beast had moved on behind the next cupboard.

Irritating is, that they don't eat the poison corn anymore, nor do they enter traps - the survivors must exactly know the dangers meanwhile & avoid them - & I never see one of them - neither dead or alive - in all the former invasions - I could see some of them running around, could see some of them dead in the traps -

So my conclusion is - it must be rats (one ore more) - maybe a very clever rat, that oberves me & exactly knows how I behave, how to do things behind my back & never get seen or caught by me

& the most terrifying thing: yesterday I wanted to eat a bread with camembert - I had a package of bread kept in my living room, because in my kitchen open food is'nt save anymore - but when I wanted to take a slice of bread out of the package, there was a gnawn hole the size of a walnut through 3 slices already - so there is a connection from kitchen to my room & this rat is roaming freely in my very private intimate rooms, if I'm away or while I sleep -

Will she run over my face at night? - Shudder!

Today I heard a very loud fissling again from the kitchen - like coming from the mill bag, but that loud, it must be a heavier animal than a mouse - I'm doomed! - I put the bags careful away - but of course she was gone again & I really was a bit scared to do that, cos I thought, any time a big aggressive rat would attack me & jump at my face.

So tomorrow I'm gonna buy some rat traps & new kind of poison - a kind of poison they don't know yet - maybe some hand grenades & kitchen land mines could come in quite handy - I'm goin to remove all moveable kitchen furniture - I'seek any corner & my supreme weapon arsenal will chase them away forever just by seeing it (oohm I hope so!) - yes
it's absolute war time to any stealthy uninvited invaders into my private rooms. -

I hope I don't forget about that task until tomorrow..

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