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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-26 - 4:13 a.m.

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10 Days of Repentance

I just found a link to this UTube video in Howards blog –it’s about the 10 days between Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur & Stephen Colbert–making some funny remarks - - see here:

I like most in it the presence of the Repentance hotline telefone the little gag with the partly Hebrew numbers..

I don’t know about Stephen Colbert & am no connoisseur of Amercan tv- culture -especially talkmasters (& by the way also don’t believe that USA is the cultural heart of the world)- . names like David Lettermann & Oprah are slightly known here – but of course a lot of the American soaps & stand up comedian shows (my fave is Seinfeld, not Sex in the City) are sent here in German tv (of course translated) too - & my friend Jeremy who has all the Seinfeld series in original (english) on DVD’s told me that there’s a lot of language related word game jokes are missing in the German translation, - but still it’s funny, pointy & sometimes even satirical enough to satisfy my excellent taste in humours..

But as to repentance time in different religions – Catholics have their repentance time directly after that high feasting time, called ‘carneval (in German called ‘Fasching’) – ‘vale carne’ hail to the needs&greeds of the flesh – ain’t it? - even in my early youth I really thought that concept really strange – it looked to me like first have a time of some months to feast (maybe sin) & act like crazy, but afterwards throw ashes over your head (Aschermittwoch) means repent & fasting for some weeks until Easter time comes – Strange concept! – I am no Catholic, but in my youth I was still Protestant (in the Lutherian church), but even left that church when I was 17 years old. (But that’s another story) – Other Christians than the Catholics (the Ordoxian Christians may too) don’t have these prescribed times of fasting & repenting & there is nothing in the new testament written about it

Ramadan in the Muslim world which has now started in the same time as the Jewish Rosh Hashanna is also a fasting time & so probably a repenting time too (I don’t not know too much about Muslim religious feasts) – but it may origins to the Jewish 10 days of repentance, because it starts in the same time. (Maybe I’m gonna start an investigation in internet about that)

To this concept of forgiving everybody within these 10 days of repentance - this Stephen Colbert was making his little jokes about – I can remember that concept in the new testament when Jesus was asked by one of his disciples: “How often I’m supposed to forgive my brother? – Is it enough if I forgive him 7 times - & Jesus answers :”No – forgive him 7 times 70 times” - - & I also remember that concept: “Forgive to be forgiven” – which in my mind’s eye is a very good concept – that means if you forgive everybody, than you are forgiven everything. – But on the other hand in all the injustness happening in our world & about everybody has people who really hurt him badly, mistreated & cheated him - & sometimes it’s really hard to forgive. – Can you really forgive those, who in your minds eye did evil crimes to you & your beloved ones?

Forgive to be forgiven is a concept hard to fulfill, but may it’s worth to think about it..

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