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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-30 - 12:41 a.m.

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they never get that point..

I just watched a small quiz show - with mainly questions about scientific & physics phenomenica - usually it's

I like these physical experiments, were sometime things melt, explode, change form, react chemical or physical in an astounding behaviour - most of the questions in the quiz show so are before they start or show an experiment, what the results would be. -

Because of it's slightly scientic touch I somehow like this show & sometimes by chance even see it -

Usually they have 2 celebrities as candidates - but apparently they had changed the guests scheme - this time it was a student (female) against a teacher (male) -

between the questions about the results of the experiments there were also 2 questions to the canditates to guess the result in numbers - that candidate who was closer with his number to the one question was they should guess, how many participants the biggest telefone conference ever done, had? -

Before they answered I guessed - "maybe 1000, but corrected it at once to maybe 2000" - but then the teacher candidate answered & said '8.000.000 (8 millions)' - the student then guessed: '100.000' -

Well the answer was 3.466 - My guess was much closer than his utopic & her slightly corrected answere.

But if I would have been her in that quiz - I would have answered 7.999.999 - even if I believed it was something in the thousands area. - I had watched this sometimes in quiz shows - most people never get it, that you have to say only one number lower or higher to the one who first guessed - if the answer then is higher or lower - no matter how far away - you are closer to the result & win -
later on there came a similar 'who's-closer-to' question - how deep could a kings penguins dive? - the teacher said '20 meters' - she said '40' meters - but she did the same mistake as before - to say '21' would made her win anyway - no matter whether the right answer would be 25 or 3.000.. (in fact it was about 400 meters)

Finally the student had win with 8 to 4 against the teacher - the teacher just had no instincts nor intuition for the reality - Imagine to believe that 8 Mio. people talking together in a phone conference??

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