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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-10-03 - 4:22 a.m.

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Der WiXXer vs. The Mixer

they repeated just the film "Der WiXXer" - a satirical persiflage to "Der Hexer" by Edgar Wallace (Hexer in English is 'Sorcerer', but I think 'The Mixer' by E. Wallace was the origin) -

may some of you know still those Edgar Wallace skurile crimi films of the 60ies - all in black white - a co-production of English & German actors - playing in a dark mysterious very British 'Jack the Ripper' like atmoshpere of strange old castles, misty London town, Baskerville dog like country scenes - Ok Hitchcock was way more subtile, but Edgar Wallace also had atmosphere - I can't remember most of the names of the actors acting there once, but 'Klaus Kinski' (always one of the bad guys) , Eddy Arendt, 'Joachim Fuchsberger' (as inspector) were some of them - you can find out via wikipedia (probably or even maybe)

This persiflage 'Der WiXXer' to Hexer or probably 'The Mixer' in German sounds exactly like 'the masturbator' , because 'wichsen' or 'wixen' as verb in German means to onanate or masturbate - 'malaka' the Greeks would say -

So a while ago my friend Richard & me went to the cinema, the cinecitta, a big cinema center here in Nuremberg to see that film - there were some fine comedians acting in that film - a guarantee for fine humour & some quality -

so me & Ricardo went to the theater box office to buy our tickets. - The Cinecitta has about 20 cinema rooms - & Ric who bought the tickets (in fact he had invited me) went to the nice girl who sold the tickets & asked her with slightly muted voice for 2 tickets for cinema no. '12' -
I knew he wouldn't mention the name 'Wixer' - it was like asking for condoms - he is teacher & had involved a sense to stay modest (why push a door in if you have the possibility to politely knock at the door?)

but then this girl at the box questioned very loudly 'for the film Wixer?' - that was funny - I don't think that Ric blushed - well maybe a little bit, but his plan to buy our tickets for the film with this offending name secretly had totally failed.

it was just like Larry Lafer (does still anybody knows this had been one of the first adventurers in computer games?) trying to buy silently condoms in a drugstore & the vendor girl asks him loud enough for all the people waiting in the row, a lot of embarrasing questions about what kind of condoms he requires..

In other words: the film "Der WiXXer" was fun - even before it had started!

& I'm sure the girl at the cinema box office had a lot of fun on that day too..

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