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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-10-09 - 5:08 a.m.

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de nada

.. it's ever the same if there's a lot to tell & too many themes in my mind - I feel so overloaden to make my mind up to focus on a special theme - I just can't decide which theme to chose & something in the background of my mind whispers & shouts: "No - take me instead!" - like all these dozens of other themes - is any of them important enough to tell anyway? - these themes are not even democratic - they should vote & declare which theme had won the elections - ok - I admit they are democratic somehow - but in a behaviour like in a childrens democracy (just like the 'Weimar Republik') - coz about every 5 minutes they (the not voted themes) are unsatisfied with the results & protest & disclaim in noisy discussions the apparently manipulated & cheated results & so vote over & over again - in fact it's the perpetual democracy in my head that's probably paralizing me. maybe a dictatorship of a special theme should rule? - Oh no - of course not - because by then I'll get a maniac fanatic , a pervert political one side minded or a strange introverted philatelist - so maybe a more modest kingdom of thoughts where the ever so wise king choses the theme - but who should be the king? - One of the themes? - But who then votes for the king? - The themes? - all of them would vote only for themselves (no theme of selflessness planned yet) - but anyway kings aren't chosen by democratic voting - it's bloodline of course - that makes me aware that I myself am the king of all of my thoughts & themes - but on the other hand I'm so indecisive today - easy game for revolutioners' plots? -

Ah well me the king of indecisiveness tricked them all by writing this entry about absolutely nothing at all - themes have to be aware of me -I have hidden abilities of utmost ignorance not to be underesteemed.

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