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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-10-15 - 2:46 a.m.

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Those creepers from behind!

argh! - I just detected that my guestbook doesn*t work anymore - I wonder since when?

Today I wrote a test entry in my guestbook & it didn't work - this guestbook company was recommended by diaryland & at least diaryland should have informed us, that their guestbook partner is down - maybe diaryland soon is down too (watch the signs) -

I remember that about a month or 2 ago I wanted to remove a spam mail in my guestbook - but the server wasn't available then - since then I tried it several times, but never could reach my members area (yes I paid for that guestbook)

Well I don't care too much wether people write in my guestbook - I'm not a blogger who dives in daily discussions of comments - this is a very private place to write down like a maniac my subconscient thoughts of my daily folly & maybe sometimes write some wise words..

but I hate, that these guestbook providers didn't even inform me that they're out of function

I began to wonder that as in the last year my stats (of visitors) were rising, but since long months no guestbook entries anymore.

I had a spam problem a half year ago, when I got per day about 20 spam guestbook entries, with nonsense blabla content - this happened shortly after I wrote something against the Iraq war -
maybe some American over-patriotic felt insulted.. -

I also wrote a lot against Ahmadinejad & all those Jihadist fuckers -

Recently I looked in my spam folder & there were about 120 spam mails within 5 days!! - But the spam filter of AOL seems to be very wise - they move all this spam to that spam garbage bin - so they very seldomly succed in reaching my 'new mail' folder.

Anyway whoever may wrote within the last months in my guestbook - please do it again! -

My new guestbook - sponsored by strato - may has a really bad design (I'll change that soon) & you have to confirm with those graphic sets of letters, that prevent automated molesting robot programs to over-spam you

In real life we have a lot of molesting & parasiting animals like bakteriums, viruses, gnats, rats, mice, roaches, moths, leeches & maybe draculian vampires.

But why do real people of human race have the need & intention to step in those nasty molesting animals tracks & to creep up from behind.

What kind of 'crippled inside' people they must be if they don't dare to confront you openly - face to face - but instead doing a dastardly insidious acts from behind.

A lot of people have idol animals like panthers, tigers, lions, dolphins, certain kinds of dogs etc. as fave identity model - & I wonder whether these anonimous stealth attackers - just to do blindly damage to others - have moscito gnats, virus & bakteriums as fave animal idols?

Well we have no chance to ever ask them!

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