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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-06 - 6:37 a.m.

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My magical abilities..

It’s not superstition, but I believe that sometimes you (me) have a kind of more positive or negative charisma (area) around you, some kind of personal emission or sphere depending on the state of mental strength you’re in. – There are days when I feel very vulnerable & then things & people around me seem to turn against me, - On such days I try to act very cautiously & prefer to stay on my own & nothing you try to do really works out.

On the other hand there are days when I feel overwhelming mental strength & lucky things combine to the climaxes of life & I have the feeling nothing can hurt or aggress me.

Life is a mix between lucky succeeding, Murphy’s law & a lot of neutral time between in. . So I don’t care too much meanwhile anymore.

Hmm - but I wonder what strange kind of charisma I had today when I went to my working place & as usual I went at my butcher’s shop to buy some slices of ‘Bierschinken’ (a kind of sausage) & then to the baker to buy my daily ‘Mohn-Brötchen’ (bread roll with poppy seed on it)

This sausage slices I put later in & my Mohnbrötchen is my daily breakfast or snack on my working place – same as usual since more than a year. – the vendor girls at my butchery & at my bakery give me these ingridients of my daily snack often without asking me anymore – & it will be a day of big surprise to them , when one day I’ll ask for something else ..

But today something was different – the butcher girl cut my 4 slices of ‘Bierschinken’ (literally beer ham (probably a kind of sausage people in old times prefered to eat while drinking beer)) – it costed about 85 cent - I gave her one Euro - & while she wanted to hand me the exchange money it dropped out of her hand & fell down between all the dozens of sausages on display under the glassy counter – she picked it out there & gave it to me, but I doubt, that the later on removed those sausages that where in touch with the money (think of bacterias)

I went to the baker to get my ‘Brötchen (roll) & exactly the same happened there. She let my exchange money drop between the display with all that breads & cakes.

In all the long time since one and a half year none of them, neither at the butcher's or at the bakery ever dropped the change money.

What strange power had I got on this day? - The strange ability to let people drop change money on displays? – But while I got aware of it I had no idea how to make use of it. There’s absolutey no gain in making magically other people drop the exchange money. – Hmm did I look so awesome that day that I made their fingers tremble? –

I would find it more useful if I had the magical ability for one day to make invisibly all the big bank notes of all banks I visit & make them stealthily move into my bag & later on get visible again - & one day of that ability would be just enough for all my life (but maybe I had that ablility once but didn't visit a bank on that day or visited a bank on that day & didn't have a bag with me - I'll never know!)..

Well on this day I didn’t visit any other shop & so spared all other vendor girls of Nuremberg town to retrieve their dropped small money in their counter’s displays.

You see how thoughtful & gently I am (to these cute little vendor girls).

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