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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-09 - 4:40 a.m.

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after the votes in USA yesterday with a narrow victory of the democrats, which I think is (maybe a change for the better) I read this evening as usual some blogs & news worldwide - later on I was in the mood to also peep in Al Ahram (Egypt newspaper) & also 'Tehran Times' a very desinformational Iranian propaganda lies press - here I found:

"With the loss of the House, the Republicans will no longer have a free hand in formulating and implementing foreign policy. The loss also bodes ill for their prospects in future elections, especially the 2008 presidential election.

George W. Bush’s failure to establish security in Iraq, the White House’s support for the Zionist regime’s aggressive policies against the Lebanese and Palestinian nations, and the Republicans’ failure to properly handle the ominous phenomenon of terrorism have all frustrated U.S. voters."

you see - typically Iranian press mixes truth (Iraq) with their own hateful resentments against Israel (Zionists)..

a while ago while I was in a little pub & there were just news on the little tv-screen there - I watched an Iranian making a typical remark: "Scheiß Amerikaner! - Scheiß Juden!" (Fucking Americans! - Fucking Jews!) - in the report there was just something shown about America's foreign politics - but as probably brainwashed since youth by Khomeini & Ahmadinejad's jihad message, he couldn't resist to add 'Fucking Jews' to his standard anti-USA resentment - just to make sure to get his aversion at the right adress - he didn't say 'Zionists' - he didn`t say 'Israel' - & don't you think that's thick anti-semitism by custom & tradition?

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