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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-10 - 6:30 a.m.

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All wrapped up!

Yesterday I saw an report called “Houses in the Desert” in arte (the French-German culture emission) – by chance I zapped into it & noticed it was about different kinds of houses in Israel – but meant to describe different kind of people & their life situation living in all kind of different habitations from tent to luxus appartment. – I only saw part of it – but in the end there were mentioned a group of ‘African Hebrew Israelites’ – black people with religious intent to be Isrealites & that came about 30 years ago mainly from USA to Israel. – It needed decades still they were accepted (somehow) & got the right to live there –

Anyway a lot of them live in some kind of container-like buildings, they have school & kindergarten & all there, but it’s a big problem to getting building permissions to add adjoining buildings to their houses. –
But they’re building adjoining buildings anyway, but they are not concidered as buildings, because they are wrapped in black plastic foil!! –

Yes – they have a lot of sidebuildings there, all wrapped in black millbag-like foil of plastic around them – only the windows & doors are cut open. – & it looks so funny..

There seems to be a law of the building permission office, that, if something is wrapped in black plastic foil, then it’s not a building (maybe because building material also comes sometimes on pallets wrapped in foil).

This gave me the idea, about further possibilities of foil wrapping. – Just wrap yourself in black foil (like a mill bag) & you can do anything you want without anyone recognizing or seeing you, because wrapped in plastic & just don’t exist anymore to the public. – You can drive in the metro or train or go to a concert without paying, because no controlleur will be able to see under this invisible foil. – Hmm bankrobbery under black foil? (just to mention).

& under this aspect what were the real intents of wrappage artist Christo , when he wrapped all in foil the Dome of Cologne (Kölner Dom) & the Reichstag building in Berlin?

I really wonder!

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