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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-13 - 6:40 a.m.

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Like I mentioned in my PS of my last entry – here’s the big show off of my small sized gallery – of my former painting. – So it’s not so big.

Long time ago (it was the late 70ies & early 80ies I had a phase in my life, when I liked to play guitar & scribble small arabesque drawings with china ink. – I had an old fashioned dip pen quill, which you could dip into that black little ink barrel & make sensible black drawings, where the line gets thicker with higher pressure or how you hold the pen – for a pen holder there were a lot of different ‘Federn’ (blades?, feathers?,) different in size of the top & the their reactions to pressure, holding & relasing the ink etc.

& after some experience I had my favourite few pen tops, which gave the best results for me.
I wonder wether they are still available, since the old traditional shop ‘Mandel’ in the center of Nuremberg, which sold stationary, but also every kind of very special material that art painters needed, like special brushes, all kinds of colours & canvasses & special kind of paper sheets. – They had everything or at least could deliver it within short time. –

Now this shop, lead by 3 old Ladies (sisters) is gone & I really wonder, wether these old pen quills ar still available somewhere. - & I also wander, wether the special china ink pots are still available. –

When in the 80ies once I was in the USA, Massachussetts, visiting my friend Ed, I tried to buy china ink, but couldn’t get it. – Well a vendor in a stationery shop sold me an ink pot as china ink, but later I found out, that it was just ordinary black ink. – The difference to china ink is, that china ink is water proof – so much needed for my colouring later on my pictures with aquarell colours.

There was only one picture (that one with the blue castle, the mandolin player, the coach & the eagle above) I’ve been drawing in the USA. & when after drawing it with that cheap American ink I wantered to colour it with my expensive Schmincke aquarell colours, I got aware, that the ink was water soluble. – So I put the drawing to a copy shop & tried to colourize the waterproof copy. – but the paper was so bad & oversmooth, that I didn’t get a feeling with the colours & it was one of my crude painted ones – I didn’t even finish it. See here:

you see what I mean? (poor inspiration in the USA..)

Yes my style was not to paint reality – that’s what fotos are for – it was drawing arabesque patterns of my imagination & inner eye & later on giving them colours to make them glow & orgasm, to make them more pointy or give them the attraction that the raw black drawing couldn’t attend yet. (or something like that..)

But enough words for now – here my 4 favourites, which I keep like a treasure, somewhere in the dungeons of my small flat in a map inside a larder – before they mould I put their spirit up to flickr:



The rest of them - the better ones & the worse ones, - the finished ones & the yet unfinished ones – you can gaze at them all here in my flickr gallery – if there’s one you really, please write a comment there.
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