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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-18 - 7:29 a.m.

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threat still smouldering for the next eruption

.. just read in the news:

French troops prepare guns against IAF jets

Ignoring harsh international criticism, Israel has vowed to continue the overflights, claiming they were needed to monitor alleged arms smuggling by the Shiite terrorist group Hizbullah .

Recently I heard by some reports, that UNIFILdoesn’t feel responsible to guard the Syrian border against smuggling arms from Syria into Lebanon by Hezbollah – other reports said, they are (or should be) responsible. –The Lebanon official army of course doesn’t feel responsible either, because they don’t want trouble with Hizbullah. – & then there is the still missing 2 abducted Israeli soldiers in Lebanon.

A second report told that Israeil jets were nose diving at French UNIFIL battalion

Maybe Israeli army forces sometimes act too aggressive (over-react) because of the long time (since about 60 years) under siege, under threat – that makes the hardliners grow & overtake in a contry (in any country) – they shouldn’t do provocative acts to neutral UNIFIL forces.

On the other hand I understand the need to fly over those regions, where enemy Hizbullah is gathering arsenals of weapons to destroy Israel, while UNIFILL relative passive guarding & watching at the border line probably has no real intention to disarm Hezbollah or hinder them getting strong again.

What will UNIFIL forces do if Hezbollah with new big arsenals of long ranged rockets fresh from Iran via Syrias open boarders, will start again to fire them at Israel – right above their heads – they won’t & can’t hinder nor stop them, because UN-Forces wouldn’t hunt them down from where they’ll attack -hidden between the civilian citiziens, hidden in the towns & villages surrounded by innocent civilians, women & children. – But would UNIFILL then shoot at Israel airforces if the’d try to strike back at those rocket shooters? (I fear they would, because it's so much easier target).

I doubt that UNIFILL could make a fair & quick decision in case of need, because it needs months till their employers, the UN with all it’s discordant members with contrary positions will be able to make a sound decision. – If in case of a changed stiuation you’d wait for UN troups to act in time in vain.

I once knew a woman who got molested & threatened by her ex-friend. – He behaved like a stalker. He knew her ways & followed her on the street & waylayed her sometimes & threatened to hurt her. She asked the police for help. They said, we can only act, if he’d commit an act of violence to you.. – Hmm – if he would have beaten her up or killed her, they would later on put him to prison. – How consoling!

In further news I read about Hezbollah trying to get more seats in the Lebanon parliament – more than they have the right to have by democratic votes. – Another violent fanatic minority, which wants to take over the government, like all the totalitarian Fundamentalist or Nazis in our world try to do.

& just to mention - please take a look at one of the main sources behind the spirit of Hezbollah – here a recent speech by mad man Ahmedinejad - what he says seems in its abstrusity absolutely ridiculous to us (or at least me), that I wonder why not everybody even slightly educated sees the illogicallity & obvious lies in his pathetic speech - … but elicidation seems still far away from his followers..

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