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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-23 - 1:22 a.m.

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fun triggering - or - you (should) always need a porpoise..

my newer & main PC is again down, infected by a bad cold - I mean a trojan virus called Vundo - which my antivir system had alerted since 2 days - I had that before about 2 months ago & I had written a long & tedious entry about it- my antivir system giving the option 'Delete' didn't work out - tonight antivir-alerts made any working on my PC impossible - ooh & again it's: "what about my data!?" - since I made a big data saving 2 months ago, by wild guessing where my important data are situated on my HD's - I feel now it's unavoidable to rebuild the system totally new radically, since that virus may still slumbered all the time between all the multinion files there.

I still fear I lose data spreaded on so many folders - but if I lose some of them, will I ever miss them? - how much data had there amounted since my last data saving? -

Next time I'll put all save-worthy data in a more controllable folder system (I hope so) - May installing it all a-new helps me to get control about where certain kind of informations in my data are. - I have the good (or bad) habit to download a lot of press (&sometime blog-material) to certain themes - but often forget where I saved the same theme recently, so I build quick folder with a name I would recognize again or put it in a folder with another theme, just to sort it out later. - Same with pictures, 1000s of pictures I downloaded from the net or by my digicam in numbered folders somewhere, anywhere.

Of course I had some strict store & order principles in my mind - but they did change from time to time & I forgot my own rules, because I'm most time overbusy with new things to care for the stored ones behind - but they should be still there, where I expect them to be, if ever I look back. - I noticed that since recently sometimes it takes me a lot of time to find a certain data source, which I'm sure must be somewhere on one of my 2 active PC's in one of the manyfold folders. (even microsofty search functions which I filterd with extensions, date of storing & contents of texts give meantimes & sometimes poor results)

I once had the idea to make an excel sheet to write systematically down on which drive, folder etc. my data are - I started it, but it would have been a weeks work - so became so tedious, that it's still unfinished for a while since 2 years.

Last time I restored my new PC with that windows involved ressurrection (recovery) system - but this time it doesn't seem to work anymore -
& symantecs removing tool for this special virus can't find it while antivir alerts still show it & programs don't start anymore..

It's all a waste of my most precious time! - Who are these filthy little fools who cowardly anynomiously destroy material & spiritual property of other people they don't even know. - I'd rather understand people who revenge themselves to people who hurt them (not I support revenge) or a burglar who destroys property to gain something. - But my understanding ceases about these anonymouse attacks from behind without personal motivation, but just to hurt & destroy, just to give the joy of glee of power - we got luck, that it's only a virtual world & not the world of weapons, where once & ever also exist a lot of irresponsible soldiers with guns & triggers in their hands - & under 1000s of responsible there are always some few who pull the trigger just for fun. - & if there would be triggers in internet to throw A-bombs to wipe out big parts of mankind - there would be for sure some whiz-kids who would pull that trigger - just for fun!

& now I have to take care about the A-bomb they threw on my PC..

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