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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-12-02 - 5:57 a.m.

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The right of selfdefense

Last night I had a dream with a tiny bit of violence involved. – Usually in my dreams I’m a very peaceful person – just like in real life, but there are situations when you have to defend yourself – be it in a dream or in real life.

So in this dream I visited with a compagnon an old pal of mine (Urs Schweitzer the fotographer) in an attick mansion (fourth floor or higher). He told us that he was abducted since some months & couldn’t leave this hideaway for uncertain time on. – I felt very sorry for him & tried to comfort him, because I thought it must be hell to be stuck in one room like this. – But while talking to him, I got aware, that my compagnon & me were also in high danger. We were on a place where we shouldn’t be & easily could be detected by the kidnappers, so sharing the fate of the one we were visiting. This awareness of the situation made me at once think “I’v got to get out of here – as quick as possible!” & I tried to convince my compagnon to do the same. – Well maybe we could bring help later, but got to be off before ‘they’ caught us. – My pal was hesitating & I had not time to lose – I thought it a bad idea to use the staircase, so I opened the window to a roof scape, but quickly noticed, that there was no way down from here. It was much too high up here & deep abysses on the sides led to a far away ground. –

So I had to dare the staircase. Trying to step very silent I went down carefully from store to store, always watching the closed doors on the storeys whether one of the guarding kidnappers may suddenly would attack me.

But no one there in the staircace – I made it to the front door, but then seeing a black silhouette of a man out there – a man with a gun in his hands.

Descending down the last stairway from the house to the street meant to be in full focus of his gun aimed at me. – I searched in my pockets & found that I also had a gun (a revolver or pistol or something like that) took it in my hands & tried to fire it at him while I ran down that unsheltered passage. He shot at me too – I missed him – he shot again & I shot again afraid to be not hit yet. – This time I got him. While he fell down I noticed about 4 or 5 other guys with guns standing about 10 or 20 meters away – some with long blond hair, looking like desperados but also guys with short black hair, looking like mafioso - they were shooting at me & even throwing some grenades, while I tried to hide behind an obstacle. I think I hit another one. But their grenades were becoming real dangerious. – I just jumped to the side from one grenade, scarcely avoiding getting hit, when the next grenade was thrown just were I had jumped to. – I had no time to escape that grenade to, but then I noticed, that the grenade rolled directly to the men who had thrown them & exploded there. & blew 3 of them up.

Now only one of my attackers was remaining (one of the Mafiosi) still shooting at me. – I raised my gun at him, but noticed that I’d ran out of ammunition .

So the only chance left for me was to run away, which of course I did, knowing I had poor chance to escape, because the remaining gunman could easily shoot me in the back. – But he didn’t, because he had run out of ammunition too. – But I was not yet out of it, because he started pursueing me & came closer & closer (like usual in dreams – at least I didn’t stick to the ground without ability to move on like in my youth’s dreams) –

I knew his intention to kill me hadn’t decreased & the final showdown was about to begin, when he'd reach me soon enough. – So while running I searched the ground with my eyes & took a big stone from the ground. – While finally he had reached me I turned around & smashed the stone at his head, while he counterwise tried to hit my head with a bunch of keys. – My weapon was the stronger one, but I had to hit some times to knock him down.

So finally I got rid of all those killers & went back to that house. While passing it I saw all of my already dead attackers standing again alive in front of the house, like in the moment I had left it. – Oops! - -

But then I got aware, that it was only a replay of the former situation. – I saw from the outside, what had happened before & these men weren’t even looking at me, but only to the entrance they were guarding & I heard via loudspeaker my own voice, when I was still inside upstairs at abducted Urs’s chamber, talking about the kidnapper & that we gotta get out here ..

Thus this dream ended & because I can’t remember that ever in dream I shot people with a revolver & because it was so detailed & somehow logical in it’s conclusions & had also a rewind function involved, I decided to write it down for my diary.

I usually don’t hurt or kill people in dreams, but of course I have to defend myself if they are trying to kill me & anyway these guys I shot in this dream are probably stuntmen hired by a dream agency & pay a montly fee for premium dreams, involving rewind, save & restore functions - (but they didn’t deliver the cable to transport ‘em to my video)– you see?

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