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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-12-05 - 5:46 a.m.

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Don't scan twice - it's allright!

There’s a supermarket 5 minutes away, where I do most of my regular shopping of food, usually on my way home from work or elsewhere.

Most times I buy only a few things I need for the evening or next day, easy to carry – delivery just in time..

Recently standing on the check out I put my few articles on the conveyer belt. I noticed there was a new vendor woman on this check out, because of course I know the vendor girls well by my about daily visits.

So this vendor scanned my articles – I paid – she gave me the sales slip & while I was about to leave I was a bit confused. – I got aware that there was something wrong with the prize. – About 10 Euro for only 4 articles, where the coffee package with 3 Euro was the most expensive one. –

Usually I don’t control sales checks, nor count the small money I get back, in most cases also don’t even take the slip. –
But this time – I took my reading glasses out to control the slip - & yes I was right – she had counted the coffee twice. – I showed the sales check to the vendor woman & the goods still lying in the trolley. – She corrected it & gave me the money back, but I wondered how often that happens, because I’m not a control junkie & usually just don’t control those slips.

Well later on I avoided the check out, whenever I saw this vendor sitting behind it – anyway she looked somehow plump & lethargic & I choose my vendor girls well – well if I got the chance of a choice to chose..

Today I didn’t get that chance, because there were only 2 check outs open – one with a very long queue & a neutral vendor girl – the other with a short queue, but with this special vendor I avoided since that incident.

Which one would you have chosen? – Yes – right – I chose the short queue – give the vendor woman a chance – we all make mistakes from time to time - one mistake doesn’t mean she does it again.

& everything went out fine – she scanned – I payed – she gave me the cash slip – I went away .. – no I hesitated – I didn’t wanted to be pedantic, but I couldn’t resist to take a control look on the slip – an indented post there raised my attention – I took my glasses out & got aware: “She had done it again!” – This time it was ‘Fisherman’s friends’ mints she had counted twice, while I had only one in my trolley. –

So again I showed her the slip & gave her the mint package. – A bit hesitatingly first, she gave me the 1 Euro back & I had to sign on the counter bon. – I turned to go, but then noticed that she hadn’t given me the mints back. – So I had to return to get also my ‘fisherman’s friends’ back again..

Ooh – I’ll never ever again will pay my purchase at a check out where I see her sittin' behind. - & if it’s the only open check out in the whole market - I’ll wait then till another check out opens or I'll put all my articles back in the shelves (or if the other queues are to long may I'll try out whether she does it a third time).

I wonder how often she scans an article twice each day – may she has a certain method to circle the articles over the scanner & so raises the profits of that super market that high, that she’ll soon become employee of the month.

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