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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-12-09 - 4:04 a.m.

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Keys exchange..

Too tired to write my own new next diary entry I just transport to here by stealing from myself, what I have just written in in the comments to an article of Esra’a (I ever wonder what that apostroph in her name means, but I like it)

In this entry she introduced the mideastyouth code of ethics

My advice: First you read that code (by using the link above) to understand what I’m refering to, then come back & read on to read in appropriate contexts (oohm)..

So here my comment there:

Add on to this paragraph in Mideastyouth Code of Ethics :

“Open-mindedness: All authors and technical writers here are open minded enough to share this space with different people who express radically different opinions. Despite these differences, we accept each other and maintain our friendship at all times.”

Remembered me to one of my best friends G., an Iranian Wrestling Referee living here in exile in Germany – we’re in good terms, have often long conversations via telephone or personal about all & everything & all the daily little occurences .

But if it comes to political themes, we’re really very controversial & oppositional on about any politcal theme – he told me once that he didn’t like Khomeini or Ahmadinejad etc.– but by any critics to Iran’s politics he feels personally insulted, because it’s his Iran – since he got via Satelite Iranian tv here he is so influenced & if you would listen to us you would think we are the wildest enemies – about everything that happens in the world he believes it was planned or a secret plot by the Americans or the Zionists – on Israel we have the most controversial fights & probably he believes meanwhile that I’m Jewish. – But after these politcal sword clashing - & if we come to a point when we get tired of exchanging arguments anymore (you know these deadlocks of infinitive argument circles) – we just shut off & come back to normal life – talking about ‘normal’ themes, where we can agree & are best friends like before. – He cooks Iranian food for me & I give him computer lessons & things like that..

He makes me search for more arguments to convince him to another point of view – I even recommended mideastyouth com to him to widen his point of view, but sadly enough he doesn’t understand English, but only a few words – so I’m about to convince him to learn English to not be cut off of the world’s biggest common sense information pool, to all these network of worldwide press infos & blogs – (he learnt German which is much harder to learn than English – so English shouldn’t be no problem to him)

G. is the person who got the keys to my flat & I got the keys to his flat (in case we lose or forget our keys & got locked out) – this means he’s the person I trust most of all my many friends here in Nuremberg & he trusts me too & we know we can rely on each other.

This shows that we exaxtly behave to the rules of Mideast Youth Code: “..Despite these differences, we accept each other and maintain our friendship at all times..”

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