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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-12-08 - 6:25 a.m.

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Deborah & armpits

I sat in the Nurembergian (old styled) tram this evening – on a station a group of youths (2 boys & a girl) entered & sat just a row before me. – in style they looked a bit like punks, but just in fashion, not like the lost hard core – pretty young still, may about 17 –

In a tram while driving home from work, often a bit fatigued by work – there’s nothing to do but look out the window or just look around & watch the people around you, if you don’t have a book with you to read, just to ignore this boring scenery –

I forgot my daily book & I know the outsight well enough, so the girl of these 3 youths drew attention to me, when she began to strip.

Well not exactly strip – but she opened her coat – then she opened her blouse – the naked flesh above her breasts revealed & I saw a small black bra – it looked very intimate & I wondered how many people began to stare there – she sat just opposite to me – so no chance to not see her exhibition –

But while I still wondered how far this would go I watched her moving her hand, fingers to her armpit & from there the nose & face of a cute little white rat was nosy protruding – while she stroked her softly – she was talking with her friends about a name for the young rat – the boys gave her male names like ‘Joe’ etc. but she wanted a she-name, but had no fantasy but to give her the name ‘mousi’ –

The young rat halfly came out of her armpit climbing above her breast, but by the next disturbance returned back to her armpit.

Well if ever I’d believe in reincarnation & if ever in that case fate would turn me into a rat – I’d much referred being reborn for place, like this young rat now lived, than in some strange gutters in the sewerage of town – oorghk! –

I remember, that once some punks tried to shock me in a pub, while they sat besides me – one guy took a rat to the table & she went over to me – I took her in my hands & stroke her – they didn’t know that in my youth I also had a white rat for a while – when I was – let’s say pretty young – about 18 or 20 –
- I got this little white rat by chance from someone in a pub & had at first no idea how to keep her -

it was partly my girl-friend then, who made me take it – she found her so sweet – the first night – I slept at her flat – we put the young rat in a plastic bucket with some soft wool stuff to sleep in or make a nest

at least the rat stayed there overnight & we had to find out what she eats. –

I kept her home & since I had experience from childhood with some hamsters & a mouse I knew what most small rodents were eating – you always had to feed them with hard corns, to keep their teeth not growing too long – you can get that grain food in animals shops –

But soon I found out, that me little rat – meanwhile I called her Deborah – ate about everything I gave her – pigs, rats, bears & humans eat about everything – I mean vegetarian & meat stuff, but rats eat even gnaw on food, human’s teeth would break out.

Deborah liked raw long spaggethis – when I gave her one she put them in both ‘hands’ (front paws’) & ate that long stick so quickly inside with her quick gnawing teeth, like you put a document in a paper shredder.

I didn’t put her in a cage, I had put her in the first night at home on a small shelf, with a paperboard box on it & she stood there – later on I made a sweet little house for – made out cardboard, with open windows, an open door & a bed made of soft materials like wook & cotton. - & she stood there – the sofa was about 15 cm away – she could easily have escaped & ran about all the room & doing mischief there by gnawing on things, where she shouldn’t gnaw around.

But she didn’t. – hmm why – maybe because she was very young when I got her & I was not neglecting her – I took her every day with me, putting her in my sleeve, where she moments after I put her in began to sleep while I was on the way. But if I visited people & wanted her to go out, she came by a light push on the sleeve where she slept & she came curiously out examining the place (table, cupboard etc) where I had put her & usually got food & attention there – well one of the first things she made then was also to ‘shit’ – & I had to warn people that she does this at first, but she never left any excrements inside my sleeves.

She was totally dependant to me – to my transporting system & was clever enough to never go away from a place I ever put her, because she knew, I would come back & take her with me. – I was her god of food & transportation & I never had a rodent before (like hamsters & mice) who knew & behaved like that.

Much later on I lived in a house with some cats & I couldn’t keep her anymore – by fear they would catch & eat her – so I gave Deborah to my friend John, where she had her resthome somehow, because soon she got old in rat’s age & died one year later. –

John didn’t take her with him, like I had done & let her openly walk around on the floor – he told me that once she gnawed some cables & got an electrical shock – (that would never had happened in my hands) & once she bit him in the finger, because he had tried to tease her with his pointed finger to her nose - I never hat put a pointed finger to her nose, because I knew, that in this way she was awaiting food, like long spaggethis from me - & would snap at once without thinking – of she never has bitten me – we were a perfect team & could trust each other.

I once read a story that a rat mother raised her young rat babys inside a car, that was all the time on the road – she must have taken the short stops between when the car driver was out to provide food for her children, but always came back into the car, before it was moving on. – This sounds incredible, but after knowing Deborah I believe it. – She exactly knew my behaviours & behaved to perfectly fit in & when she was at John’s rest house, she changed her behaviour to the new surroundings. –

I hope she was not too disappointed that I gave her away, but as intelligent rats are – there is no way to tell them that you give them away to prevent them to be eaten by cats – maybe she would have thought it appropriate that I should have killed those cats to keep & protect her – the least thing you could expect from the leader of the gang..

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