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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-12-15 - 6:30 a.m.

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Warnings about voting for me!

Another word to the so called „holocaust discussion” in Ahmadinejads selected round of ‘enemys of Israel’ –

I had a discussion with my Iranian friend G.yesterday on telefone - & oof – when I at last mentioned this strange congress – he was so well informed & also he was so enthusiastic about the nice atmosphere there when in the end members of that congregation embraced each others & ‘there were even Jews invited (this was important for G. to tell me)& even Ahmadinejad embraced with ‘a Jew’ in the end –

He praised that on this congress could be openly discussed, what is forbidden here in our so called ‘free world’ & asked me why there is no free speech here.

I didn’t argue with this, but it just came in my mind: if there would be a congregation of child molesters who would argue whether it would be moral or immoral to have sexual connections with children – free speech – why not talk about it?

I tried to tell G. why especially here in Germany it is so important to not let the same spirit that did in our recent much evil ever happen again. – Words of agitation are also weapons & we know by recent history the lies, stories & agitations of the Nazi-people well enough. – Giving them platform, means giving them chance to spread their beguiling agitions again & there are stupid herd people ever present to listen to there arguments, where some truths, some half-trues & some wild exaggerations are mixed to a conclusion of lies. – It’s not only the words & arguments – it’s the spirit behind it that is so easy to regognize for us, but apparently not to him coming form a far-away culture, where all what had happened here is nothing but a far away tale (or fairytiale even)

I imagine if ever the fanatic Jihad movement spreading from Iran, Talibans etc over a lot of Islamic countries, infecting the weak with that bad influence, like once the catholic Christianity was influenced & poisened by the bad spirit of inquisitin, crusader-dom & Jew&Muslim-prosecuting – so if ever this Jihad movement has died away (does it need centuries?) – the next generation will swear to never let that ever happen again & to extinguish the last little cells of those fanatics has to forbid those & one of the crucials & first acts against any rebirth of those fanatics would be in the first, to forbid them to spread & agitate their sermon of intolerance & to prevent those who spread agitation to supression & violence against people not on their line of narrow belief. –

You have to be utmost intolerant against intolerance – you have to fight totalirism with decidedly force to not let them overrule you. –

In this discussion with G. it came to the theme Hamas & democracy – He said ‘Hamas’ is voted by the majority of the ‘people’. – Why does the West & Israel not accept Hamas? – it’s democratically voted. (If this world is so democratical why then Fatah & Hamas are fighting each other meanwhile with weapons instead of words?)

Of course why should Israel accept a party whose goal it is to destroy Israel – Should Israel accept Hezbollah? – I don’t think Israel is ready for that kind of masochism yet. –

I told G. if the Nazis here were once on majority voted by the masses of people, discontent with the poor results of the so many partys of Germany’s first democracy in the “Weimarer Republik” & so the Nazis came to power, eliminating all other democratic parties in the next moment – & if ever those forces would come into power I would fight them at once - -

G. said: but you have to accept them, if they are democratically voted –

(I imagine that when the Huns once attacked Europe like a fire storm – a democratic vote may would have given them by 90 percent to the decision – ‘let’s invade Europe, plunder, kill, rape, destroy & conquer – any counter votes?)

I said: “I’ll never accept an totalitarian system if it supresses & persecutes minorities & no-one should!. – The principle of democarcy is to accept all kind of people in a country (except the extreme & violent ones) & if ever a majority overrules democracy – everybody with sound reason should fight them & preferably fight them from the beginning – later on it will in most cases be too late -

I told G. – Imagine some small group of about 20 people, stranded on an Island – if there by chance there is a majority of reckless people who like to enslave the rest of the people to do the work of them or rape them, torture them or kill them if they’re not at their will – there’s no democracy possible including totalitarian undemocratic forces - that’s not democracy & that’s no freedom!

Theres is absolutely no freedom where everybody can do what he wants, no freedom for thiefs, muerderers, rapists, & violent people. – there has to be always restriction to free ways of self-evolvment if it physicly hurts, violates or restricts other human beings,

There are restrictions to every free democracy – it has to fight deeply those who try to undermine democracy by totalitarian rules

I believe in democracy, not because I think it’s the best way, but because I know other kinds of systems in our stupid ridden mankind, seduced & lead by all kind of primitive beliefs, convictions, prejudices just can’t manage to live together in a sound way than by the compromizes of a democracy.

It’s just a better solution than absolutism, but not the best - sometimes the dictatorship of the masses if they are misdirected by some populist’s voices to racism & ignorance & intolerance.

The ‘better way’ of a democracy in comparison to absolutarian governments is that it leads to compromizes & so armistices between incongruous convictioned partys – which in most ways succeeds to keep the forces somehow (nore or worse) in balance - democracy has no chance if high majorities are incited by bad ideas like crucaderism, Nazism, Jihadism etc. – just no chance if the majority behaves like a hysterical herd of indoctrinated cattle

So the solution to all this desaster would be if all of you would vote for me as your own, one & only splendour fairytale King. – all opposers voices are distinguised by my high holy magic of good nature.& good will or something like that.. – Well - If I where you, I wouldn’t believe me..

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