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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-12-22 - 4:05 a.m.

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Beware of the Witch!

It’s only few days to Weihnachten (Christmas ) & against my long tradition since long to not buy christmas presents, except for children who are close to me - & yes for my old parents – this time I did a bit more - maybe too much, because when in the evening I looked on my bank account there were only 40 Euros left this month, while I had thought there must be still some hundred left – ooh! – There where some debit withdrawals I hadn’t expected

Ok – I have dispo of 1100 Euro (I didn’t wanted it higher, when the bank once offered it) & I rarely overdraw. – It’s better to spend only money you have, not lent money, where you have to pay interests for.

So before I noticed my poor state of my bank account I went shopping to spend about another 100 €s , to buy that great tipi-like lamp covered with thin goat leather I had seen these days & by the way some fine painted glasses with candles within, where if you light them the pictures on the glass glow mysteriously from within – on such occasions I always buy more than I had intended.

Mine looked similar, but with another pattern on it

On my way to the shopping mall there was a family behind me with some small children -
I overheard a childvoice behind me saying: “Ich habe Angst, daß ein Wolf aus dem Himmel kommt und mich frißt” ("I'm afraid that a wolf comes out of the sky and devours me."

I looked behind me to see who had spoken, but couldn’t make out in the first - - A minute later I heard the same voice again: “I’m afraid, that a witch comes out from behind a bush..” – this time looking back, before it has finished & saw it was a little girl saying this with gay cheerfulness – Î heard her sister also saying what she was afraid of & I noticed that it was a competition of 2 sisters of what they were afraid of (“Ich habe Angst, dass..”) – the younger sister couldn’t make much points while saying “I’m afraid that a sign looks at me..” – the other then: “I’m afraid, that a cat scratches me” –
But when one of them said: “I’m afraid, that I’ll be run over by a car..” – on this the mother intervened, saying.: “you should watch the street when you cross it ..” –

This was the only time the mother intervened, - she didn’t care about the fears of wolves coming out of clouds, witches from behind bushes & attacking cats, but it will take still a long time until the little girls will find out, what the real dangers in life are

I remember in my early childhood – we lived in a small village on the countryside then – that when I heard the spooky hoo hoo of the doves – I was convinced, that it was a wicked witch that had her hideaway somewhere on the end of the village – I also was convinced that ditches on the sides of the streets were dangerious & could somehow swallow you, especially in combination with ravens – so when one farmer in the neighbourhood had some turkeys strolling free on his farm yard – I was convinced that these were the evil ravens, that would pull you into the ditches & devour you there. – Why did I know that? – Because of an old nursery rhyme grownups sang while bouncing a small child on their knees – letting it with every verse of the rhyme more to the ground, while letting it softly drop at the last line.

& this rhyme telling about the terrible dangers lurking in ditches by the ravens waiting there was:

Hoppe, hoppe Reiter –
Wenn er fällt dann schreit er –
fällt er in den Graben,
fressen ihn die Raben –
fällt er in den Sumpf,
dann macht der Reiter Plumps!

Here the translation to English (in German of course it rhymes):

Hop, hop rider (cavalier)
If he falls he cries –
If he falls into the ditch
He will be eaten by the ravens -
If he falls into a swamp
then the rider makes ‘Splash’

Do you see the terrible truths hidden in these prophetic words to a child of 3 or 4?

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