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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-01 - 4:23 a.m.

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Idiots live everywhere!

It’s New Year’s eve an hour after midnight & if I look out the window here in Germany, Nuremberg, the colourful rockets & fireckrackers are still continuing to fly, swirl & explode around.

They spend millions in fireworks each year, just to explode within half an hour. – I wouldn’t go out now on the street – it’s too dangerious.

Long years ago I was about midnight on new year’s eve with friends outside on walls of the old Nurembergian castle, the ‘Kaiserburg’ – it was like on the battle grounds of war – people from above the castle wall shoot their rockets everywhere, up in the sky, but also down to the crowds at the food of the wall, while those standing down there, shoot ther firecrackers up – there was no safe place outside. – You just tried to find some shelter that none of those crackers may explode in your face.

Since that time I deeply avoid to be on the streets late on new years eve short before midnight

This evening I went out for a short visit at 9 o’clock pm., - but while I drove by byke to the tram station a firecracker exploded close to my face, apparently thrown by a youth guy who thought it was funny from a window above – if that had exploded directly in my face, I could have become blind

It was starting to become dangerious, as everywhere groups of youths were around & especially for male youths its utmost fun to throw explosives at bypassers just to shock them because it’s all so funny –

While a bit of time later on I was waiting for my tram, trying to stand in a backwards safe corner I noticed sirenes howling & 2 firebrigade cars hurriedly passing by –

My younger brother once was at the time around new years eve in a hospital – he told me that there were so many aspirants (victims) of firework accidents arriving on that new years eve’s night & later on I heard reports confirming his report. – Houses burn down, people get evil hurt by wrong directed fireworks thrown by idiots, who are always around, in any mass movement, be it political or for celebration or just for fun. – every mass movement reveals a lot of totally irresponsible people who hidden in the masses feel strong to let their dangerious idiotic unaware behaviour go. – I really wonder why terrorists don’t act on all this wham bang of sylvester firework explosions.

My former friend Uschi, who lived once a year with her Indian husband in India, later on told me about yearly religious feasts in India, where there was a lot of selfbuilt fireworks were around – some fireworks as effective as a small bomb - & these Indian feast involved in most cases large crowds of people gathering for the fun of the feast & there around all these young happy guys throwing around their selfmade festive explosives. – Each year it turned out very bloody – a lot of people got hurt, bad hurt or even died. –

Isn’t it fun to throw around explosives? – Just watch what happens!

What is really strange – you live in neighbourhood with so much more or less nice behaving people - & I really know & believe – if you let the bounds & shackles & manners off that constitutional law & order gives them as rules to be not punished – at least 10 or 20 percent at once start to behave as reckless beasts – they are those, who rape, who murder, who steal & rob if they get the chance, that there is now law which they fear would persecute them – soldiers do it in wars – they’re allowed to kill – a lot do it just do defend or by plight, but there are always some percents (of any nation) who do it just for fun, who take the chance to fulfill their evil fantasies of rape & murder. – It’s not the Americans, like some cases recently in Iraq showed. – These people in percentages live hidden in all countries, in all nations looking for their chance to strike, if it seems halfway legal or at least not persecuted by law anymore. - & yes – that’s the moment when these hidden rotten cowards see their chance to strike to fulfill their perverted little phantasies without getting watched or punished.

Believe me – they live everywhere – even in your neighbourhood – but please don’t suspect anyone without proof or reason!

PS: Short time after writing this entry I visited (my daily lecture) & found a blog entry there: Arabs and guns. By Eliesheva (Israel & USA) exactly fitting my theme of irrational shooting or exploding around - see there!

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