from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-03 - 3:43 a.m.

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the ocean is wide

About most of all I read in the web in blogs, diarys & news is in English language of course - but about 2 months ago I meantimes also read regularly 2 blogs in German language – that’s Letters from Rungholt & Lizas Welt - the rest is English – I’d really liked to read also one or two blogs en francais – if I’d find some interesting & worth enough to read em – just to improve my poor French.

Some time ago someone suggested I should write in German, because of course my German is much better than my English – but I thought what for? – if 99 percent of information & blogs I read is in English – well I could also write in a selfinvented fantasy language, that only I understand – but what for?

& writing in both languages concurrently which came in the beginning of my diary in my mind, because there are sometimes special themes of Germany inner politics, would be to tedious & anyway this is no political blog

There is the big ocean & there is a small pond - & if ever you got used to roam explore & swim in the big ocean, you won’t like to reduce your limits to that smal pool you once fled again (except there are sharks in the ocean hunting you down) & writing on & on in English may improves my English on & on

& well – maybe once if I’m 64 just to improve my French I’ll start to write en vraiment terrible francais - on vais voit..

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