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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-12 - 12:44 a.m.

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So for christmas my parents declared they would pay me a brand new laptop –
I have one very old notebook of 1921 or some time later. – it’s an old Olivetti with 230 M-hertz (which was very quick about 12 years ago) it's half broken already, because the screen has apparently slack joints to the very small screen – it needs long minutes on every start to move the screen in a position where it shows the contents it should show – the slightest move turns it to black again.

When my parents told me, they would buy me a new laptop, I thought “why not?” No it’s a lie – in fact I thought “Yipeeh” (or something like that) - & when they asked me how much that would be, I ventured: “hmm - maybe 1000 to 1300 Euro for a ‘better class’ notebook with at least a 17 ‘’ screen” –
Well - if ever - I would never buy a laptop with 15 inches only screen, because of my computer over strained eyes – I need big letters on the screen to be able to read without harming my eyes even more (I’m getting older you know - & small script is out of my reach already) – At my surprise my parents at once agreed – means I have up to 1300 Euro ready at demand for a new laptop –

After 2 weeks of research, asking my young nephew for some advice (I’ve been a computer expert for long years, but not in the newest generations of notebooks etc.) I found some laptops in ebay, which I put in my closer selection – my nephew had warned of the new glare screens on new generations of laptops, because they mirror so much – but meanwhile about all new generation laptops have this glare screen now.

Well the laptop I prefered most, with all the extensions I need or desire: a 17 inch screen, 2 core processor, dual layers DVD burner, 2 GB of Ram, 120 GB HD, a lot of slots etc. – (well ok but 'glare') - hmm – just a very fine thing –

This laptop was 2 days to go in ebay – 4 of seven were still available – prize about 1100 Euro – I was hot for it –

But when I was about to buy it I of course watched the ratings of that seller, but then was somehow shocked: He had exactly 6666 ratings & absolutely no negative rating with 100 % positive feedback – wow! – I couldn’t believe it – 2 things hard to believe – why did he have just 6666 ratings - & I couldn’t imagine that in all these 1000s of deal not even one discontent buyer or just a a stupid quarreller had written a negative feedback.

In fact I would have found the seller more trustfull if his positive feedback would be about 98 % (well I'd hardly accept 'under 96 percent) - that’s also very good, but more realistic.

How realistic is 100% positive voices in combination with 6666 votes?

Carefully I read a lot of his feedback, to see whether they were faked or something like that – I also went in my internet explorer & shut off java script, because I had heard that there were cheat ratings written in java script. – But after restarting the site still looked the same. – & still I didn’t dare to buy that laptop there

Maybe tomorrow I thought, cos the auction was still 2 days to go. – Next day when I looked in again – I noticed that the votes number had gone up to 6673 & now only 2 of them 7 laptops were still available. – The ban was broken & it didn’t look like the number of the beast or a cheap joke or cheat joke to me anymore - & before the last 2 would be sold out I quickly bid & got one

Hmm – did I got it really – I transfered the money yesterday & now am waiting for my new laptop to arrive – I hope it does - I will also write a very positive feedback by then - I really shall..

Edit: 2 days after sending the money this most expensive article I ever dared to buy in ebay arrived - I have aqquaintances who say they would never buy in ebay, because they had heard a negative report about cheating in ebay - I've done till now 143 deals in ebay & I got all things I had bid for - well may 2 of them were not quite what I had excepted by the description in the ebay offer - but all in all - I see no reason to not ebay..

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