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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-19 - 5:55 a.m.

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Let's sue Buddha!

I just read in a blog ( Lizas Welt (it’s in German language)) about a strange sentence in German law. – Someone who had sold stickers like this:

means stickers against Nazis, was fined for ‚using the here in Germany & Austria forbiden swastika symbol. – That there was a thick red bar crossing it & making clear that is was a sign against & not for Nazism, seemed not convincing for the prosecutor & the judge. The judge argued a tourist from Japan couldn’t recognize that it was an antifascist symbol & would only see the NS sign in it. – I think she was insulting the intelligence of the Japanese tourist.

The sticker seller was fined to pay 50 Euro to the victims of the KZ Buchenwald – this kind of fine is usually only used for Nazis! – So putting those who fight them on the same level as the comitters. – How insensitive (instinktlos)!

The accused one objected & won at least in second instance. – In this isuue also a German parlamentarian of the ‘Grünen’ (Green party) wore such a bumper sticker & indicatet herself to the persecutor, to get a clear sentence to this case.

If someone wears a sticker with a gun & a red cross or bar over it – everybody will understand, that he’s not a warrior, but a pacifist.

I remember long time ago – when I conducted a pottery course in a youth center 2 times a week in the evening - when a youth came in – his face all bloody & bruised – he told us, that he was beaten up half an hour ago by a group of heavy booted skinheads, just because they saw him wearing such a antifa sign.

In my youth, when I was about 16 or 17 – it was the flower power time - I had styled my room at my parents house with posters of my fave rock’n’roll bands etc. – I also wrote & painted on the walls – this time was also a time of revolting & sometimes provocation & I was alway at the core of it – so I had the the idea to paint also on a wall of my room something like a 'anti-swastika' – it looked similar to a real swastika but one of the ends was pointing in the other direction, which in my minds eye by then, was intented to make it a fake, an irregular, so breaking the rule of the same conformist line of evil - in fact I hated all that Nazi-shit since youth – & I thought this anti-swastika to be a persiflage to that sign. –

I even had a dispute with my father who wanted me to remove it at once & I tried in vain to make him understand, that this wrong directed line in it was to make it a persiflage.

Now much older I wouldn’t see it as persiflage anymore –it looked too close to real one – I knew what it was intented to be, but others could easily misinterpret it – just like any persiflage turns in false direction if most people can’t distinguish it anymore from the real thing & you get applause from the wrong side, like some American comedians (see Seinfelds ‘Kramer’ Richards recently) & did Borat cross the line to far?

Some years later I lived in a community with some people & a girl living in a room next to me real had some swastikas on her walls – like this:

She had lived a year in India before & had just some Indian pictures & posters hanging there & one of these Gods there had this old Indian sign of swastika on it, which of course had nothing to do with Nazis.

I remember also, that when a long time ago I went one early evening to a pub in a big youth center (communication center) – there were on every table flyers with the swastika sign as header – I was shocked & disgusted at once – so I went from table to table, took all those flyers, tore them to pieces & threw them away. – Later on someone told me that these were flyers against Nazis & had just this provocating header to arouse attention. – But really - they shouldn’t have done it this way -

A similar event happened in my youth, when there was a Lutherian Church Day here in Nuremberg & I helped for some reason to distibrute a flyer blaming Luther’s antisemitism.
It told, that Luther - who had once written the 95 theses against things that were wrong in the Catholic Church – later on also wrote 7 theses against the Jews – like this:

Beware then the Jews and know that the Jewish school is nothing other than a nest of the devil ... And when you hear a Jew teaching, then realize that you are hearing a venomous basilisk that can poison and kill people with the sight of his face. [6]

First, that their schools and synagogues should be set on fire ... Second, that their houses too shall be destroyed ... Third, that they shall all be deprived of their prayer books and the Talmud, which teach such idolatry, lies, cursing and blasphemy ... Fourth, that all their rabbis should be forbidden to teach, on pain of death ... Fifth, that Jews shall be deprived of safe conduct and permission to use roads. For being neither land owners nor officials nor merchants nor the like, they have no business in the countryside and shall remain in the ghetto ... Sixth, that they shall be deprived of all their cash and their jewelry and gold ... And seventh, that all strong and young Jews shall be given flails, axes and spades and made to earn a living by the sweat of their brow ...It is intolerable for us Christians that a Jew's filthy mouth should utter the name of God in our presence. And if anyone should hear a Jew speak that name, let him inform the authorities, or throw pig shit at him and drive him away. And let no one show any mercy of kind heartedness in this matter.

(by the way Luther also supported witch persecution etc.) –

so on this Church day my distributing of this revealing flyer lasted only about 30 minutes – when I gave that flyer to an olderly man he gave it a short look & then reacted totally disgusted, like I had given him a strange obscenetiy & gave it back to me (or threw it away) at once without reading it – I was shocked too, because I noticed that he had only read the headline of the flyer & the headline was “7 theses against the Jews” – without ever learn to know that the contents was against someone who wrote these 7 theses – he reacted the same as I had reacted to those flyers with the swastika in the headline - & he was damn right to react like that. – I quitted of course at once distributing these flyers & you see how important it is to avoid in your fight for truth & against hypocritical schemes - even if you do it satirical, with persiflage or provocative.

It’s very important for all the truth fighters & comedians in this world to not be misunderstood to really be one of the other side – it’s like in war if you wear the uniform of the opposite war party to spy them out & then get shot by your own side – you see?

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