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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-21 - 3:24 a.m.

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because I don't wear a tie - per se

I just saw a discussion of some acadamics, a language scientist, a publicist, a language professor & even a catholic priest. – They were talking about the decay of German language by globalizing & so more & more anglificisms entering German language use, - of simplification of language, - of the ‘bad’ influence of commercials language (using a lot of anglicisms) etc.

They all had a very distinguished & elaborate language, sometimes a bit exaggerating, like some conceited academics sometimes like to show off. – It felt like a fake discussion, because there was no-one in this group with an alternative opinion – 5 high educated people with very similar opinions don’t result in a real discussion – well it’s a discussions about some small details that prevents them from all uniform speech.

They were in my minds eye too much in one line of opinion to make the discussion really new - & actually – they didn’t, couldn`t say or tell anything new to me, or what I hadn’t thought or heard about before.

I noticed that the moderators favourite ‘high culture showing word’ was ‘Varietät’ which is similar to 'Variation', but means in linguistic terms a variation inside a language like youth language, feministic women language, comunistic ideolic language etc. – having it’s own terms, but being depending of the mother language in it’s origin language form. (Did feminists ever claim to change the term ‘mother language’ to ‘father language’?)

One of the participants, the language scientist, even built a connection of ‘wearing a tie’ (so having an adequate attitude) to the right use of language – oohm!

It was also very funny to listen to the representative of a media concern. While she said something against the over-use of English words in commercials, she repeatedly put Latin phrases in, like ‘non nolens, sed volens’ & later on ‘per se’ – just when I thought how absurd this was, the language professor had noticed the same & asked her, why she had just used ‘per se’? – she said quipingly something like, that was the influence of her neighbour (the language scientist)

It seemed that some of the discussion members tried so artificially to show off with brillant use of German language, that what they said became a farce somehow.

Why wasn’t there a writer involved or a student etc. – but only professional institutional language rulers (the priest was hardly involved)?

Since I’ve read a lot of German & old German literature since early youth, I love German language & but I also love English language. – I also don’t feel need to mix them & use artificial English words, where good old German words are available. – On the other hand in the wake of globalization, of common language in internet, technology terms etc. – the understanding & use of English words for global connections shouldn’t be all avoided & it can’t be avoided that words of other cultural high influencing languages are penetrating & getting later on standard, like there’s a lot of old Latin & Greek, even Hebrew words melted & mixed with German & later on French. – Language is an everchanging thing & some words even change their meaning within a generation’s time.

There’s a lot of old German words dying out, because no-one uses them anymore & I partly regret that, because I loved to read them in literature, but on the other hand I probably wouldn’t understand a word, if I’d listen to German from some centuries ago.

But of course my German must be very bad, because I don’t wear a tie.

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