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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-22 - 4:21 a.m.

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after the hang over

I slept about all day today, because I really had much too much alcohol on Saturday night -

I felt all burnt out & low down today & the best receipt to get better is to sleep on & on as long as possible & lazy Sunday gives that opportunity -

but I had an invitation from my Iranian friend Ghasem for this evening - & even if I didn't feel like having straining conversation I really had to go there, because I had already called off his invitation last week & the week before..

Well I was not very talkative, but somehow I survived the evening & I avoided too much political discussion, which unavoidable we're discharging into, if we are together for more than an hour - my brain hadn't recovered yet to have a real intellectual fight (which usually I don't evade), but of course we easily found some points we are disagreeing about. - Because I didn't really wanted an over heated discussion I always changed the theme if I felt the discussion would boil up - I'm very good in changing the theme anyway..

One of our themes was about Lebanon, the demonstrations of Hezbollah against the government etc. - Ghasem, who knows how much I hate those God warriors of Hezbollah emphasized that there were also Christian & Jewish groups demonstrating side on side with Hezbollah -

Hm - Lebanese Jews side on side with Hezbollah? - I told Ghasem that there live about no Jews in Lebanon anymore, like in a lot of Arabic states. - He didn't believe me - so we want to his PC & I wanted to show him a sheet of numbers how much Jews had left or mainly were expelled from different Arabian states. - I remember that Esra'a of had last year written about it. - But where?

I couldn't find it so quickly - so I went to the second site of mideastyouth - I knew I had read about the expulsion of Jews in one of the connected sites - but where? -

After our quick search got tedious I told him, that I'd find it at home & send him the numbers with the link later via e-mail, which just now I did -

& Yes - this article with the Jewish Exodus table of Arabia was already in August 2006 in mideast blog - no wonder I couldn't find it so quickly - see here:

I couldn't resist to also send him this information that

"in the days and months before the revolution in Iran, tens of thousands of Jews left Iran. Now there are about 30,000 Jews in Iran: the largest Jewish population in the Islamic world. I think there were 250,000 earlier"

because he always stresses what a good & well respected life Jews in Iran have. - Of course they have, but they have to be very cautios to be not confused with Zionists - Anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism are sometimes very close together & the boarders are floating..

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