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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-01-24 - 5:26 a.m.

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Snow all over!

So this evening finally & for the first time this year winter decided to wear his white costume he had apparantly lent in december to all kind of more southern countries. – There was snow in Portugal, in Teheran & Jerusalem, but none to mention here. – It’s satisfying & comforting to look out my window & see this:

and here:

and there:

Ah I like it if everything gets wrapped up in soft snow, drowns in a white silencing layer that suffocates the tedious noice of the big city for a while - the thicker the snow blanket, the better.. –

But of course tomorrow the notorious life stream of overbusy people in union with a well trained snowcleaning army with trampling feet as well as with sand, salt, split & snowpushers, will soon succeed in making the streets look dirty like ever –

So I hope it will snow all night long..

Edit: well it really snowed all night & there was a big traffic jam all over Germany - I came 20 minutes to late at my office, because my tram turned out - on the way back I had to walk the half way, because my tram couldn't go on because of the ice & snow had put the switchblade out of function.
..good that I had not hoped, that it would snow all week long..

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