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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-03 - 4:03 a.m.

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somehow painted

Recently (last summer) I had found my old American friend Ed Morgan again - we lost contact somehow for a very long time & I found him via internet (of course), like I told you here - he was formerly known here in Nuremberg as poet & musician, as Edward Morgan the Minstrelsinger (Minnesänger) - well that was a long time ago -
So in the 80ies he invited me to his home in Massachusetts & I lived there for 3 months with him & his friend Cathi (the unicorngirl) & their dog Charlotte -

This evening we had a lot of e-mail exchange (similar to chatting) & he sent me a picture his sister Debra had once painted of me. But till now I never knew she did so. -

He sent me a copy of that picture & wow it really looks a bit similar to my former ego. - Well I never had a beard, like she had painted it on my face, but may that was her ideal of me. -

Ed's friend Kathi took some fotos of me in that time & apparently Debra had painted that picture according to that photo.

But see yourself - here the photo:

I wore that ancient English brown velvet house jacket from an opera fundus in that time - wasn't I a cool cat by then?

& here the painting:

Well I feel flattered somehow - & thank you Debra!

PS: But what is creepy - on a photo about 5 years later I wore exactly the same red 'nicky' shirt, she had painted me with -

How could she know?

hmm - or did I wear that shirt for five long years? - I doubt it! - (Or did I?)

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