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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-09 - 4:06 a.m.

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my old fashioned tongue

I’ve been today at the dentist, because I got a hole in a molar. – I got that hole since about 2 months because I had the good ideas to order a Pizza Hawai (you know pineapple & ham) , but I wanted it with olives added. – I really like that pervert mix of taste.

Too bad that this time the olives had stones, which I forgot to notice on one of them & there was crashing, crushing & crumbling - & one my already well repaired back teeth had split – means: I got a big hole in that tooth.

“Go to dentist – let it be repaired soon” the better part of my conscience told me, but of course it needed 2 months to outvote my other part of conscience

Well after the tooth broke, my tongue became very curious. Tongues in general are very curious about what is happening inside the realm of the mouth. – I couldn’t stop her from going ever & ever again ‘there’ to explore the change in the tooth rows . – the edges of that broken tooth were very sharp – so 2 days later I had a reall sore tongue tip. –
Even if I tried to forbid her to explore at these dangerious razor sharp cliffs, she just couldn’t resist to go there like a moth to the fire.

But slowly she was learning to go there in a more cautious way, without getting hurt anymore. – The hole in that tooth & my tongue were in harmony & the change in my tooth arrangement had been become the new normality in my mouth again. – So why go to the dentist?

Ok – my reasonable mind told me, that it’s dangerious to have a hole in a tooth, because it may rots from withing & I might lose that tooth. – The rest of my not so sensible intentions said: “We’ll do that later’ –

It’s like the fight in yourself, when you are still deadly tired in the morning & you know you really should get up, while the clever lazybone in you says: “Come on! – Stay in bed for just 10 minutes more .

& as sound as dentists may be to your teeth, as strong is my animosity to dentists, but anyway today I did it. Everything in mouth seems appropriate on the write place. – The hole in that tooth is gone – Sound & neat again – I’m really satisfied.

But not so my tongue – all the time she goes to that place, apparently missing that hole. She was so accustomed to it & probably the hole was the cave for her to rest her tip at night. – I know it needs days, still she flags her craving for that caving -You know – tongues are very traditional!

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