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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-16 - 5:32 a.m.

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Chosen by rain!

After some rainy grey days like typical for November I was surprized to see today bright light of sun rays entering my room through the window. – I always forget in the long winter time, that blue sky & sun rays still exist - - So later on I left my house without my ‘Peru-Indian’ style cap, which I usually wear in these unfriendly cold winter decades. –

About leaving the yard it started slightly to rain - & I thought “too bad that I had left my cap upstairs” – I saw a man passing by some meters in front of me & to my surprise, there was no rain around him & even the rain on me started to cease. – I looked around & saw the wet stains of fallen raindrops on the pavement around me in a square of about 10 meters, but no-where else around. – Suspiciously I looked up, whether someone from a balcony above had poured some liquid over me – but I saw no-one & if someone would have poured water from above, it would have fallen with one big splash, but not with fine regular rain drops falling in typical rain behaviour all over the place.(& also the flash of thought that crossed my mind that may someone in a plane flying in 10.000 meters altitude may had flushed a toilette could not result in a half minute rain to my close suroundings)

We know that a lightning may only strokes a single goal, but since when rain is that explicit? -
Why was it me, the so chosen & selected person by UCI (united cloud industries), that it rained only on me? – Was it a sign of blessing or a sign of doom?

Maybe it was just a very teeny tiny cloud that had emptied it’s contents over me. – or may a big rain cloud had accidently started to rain, & then remembered, that it’s rain destiny was some place elsewhere & so quickly closed up again. –

Hmm – how do these rains start anyway? – Do they start from a special point (like that, where I’ve been standing) & then widen their sprinkling system over the whole region or do they start to rain on all the region in the same moment? - & because if it rains it doesn’t rain in the same time in all the world, so there must be edges, borderlines on the edge of a rain region, where you can with just one single step leave the rain region or enter it again. –

I remember in my youth, that I even found such a boarderline of rain. – We were driving from an area where short time before it had heavily rained, then crossing a bridge to a nearby village. The asphalt of the street was all wet on one side of the bridge, while on the other side all the ground was dry. That was the first time that I got aware, that rains have boarders & I really would have liked to have been standing on the middle of the bridge while it rained & then just stepped a meter to the side (wouldn't that be cool?) – But at least there are no customs officers on rain boarders who demand tolls for crossing..

I remember having seen once a cartoon, where a man was walking with an open umbrella, while the sun was brightly shining & the only place were it was raining, was under the umbrella, which showed that the pessimistic mind gets the rain, while all the not wearing people around could enjoy the sunshine.

I imagine, that if I would live in a really hot dry desert country where it rarely rains, & there would be rain falling only over me & nobody else, it would probably be claimed as an ultimate miracle & I would be esteemed & celebrated as a saint – the enigmatic rainman, who could make the desert green, which of course would have forced me to quicly leave the country, before they'd find out, that I wasn't the Mahdi or Messias who could make the desert turn green

But to tell the truth – the only reason why today it rained so explicitly only over me, was to make me write this entry..

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