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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-18 - 5:00 a.m.

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the baby of evil

I had a remarkable little dream last night – it started like a science fiction, later on had elements of Tolkiens saga to mediaeval castle feeling. It was like this:

There were some really evil forces somewhere in the world starting to unite, getting stronger & take over with violence the whole world like once the Huns or the Orks in ‘Lord of the Rings’– I was together with some people in a big attick hall, which turned out to be something like a commando station & we were the people who were responsible to fight those dark forces. – We decided to build 2 groups, which should fight them from different directions. – I was the leader of one the the groups, & I had chose which of the about 20 persons around were to be in my group & who should belong to the other captain’s crew. I tried to be just somehow, by giving both of us the equal number of males & females in our groups, but was also aware, that I was a bit unjust, by taking in my group only those who were particular sympathetic to me. – Well I don’t know why it was me who made all these decisions, but of course it was my dream & it’s not so bad to rule your own dreams.

So we were ready to start our mission – the other team with their commander was already gone.

On our attick hall command center there was a huge ramp projecting out a big open window.

Looking down from there I noticed that we were somehow in a space world with planets around us & we could look down on them form our altitude position. –

The enemy had already taken partly control of one of the planets & we had to stop him there.

My crew wanted to enter a spaceship to go there, but I told them, that we shouldn’t go in one ship together, because if they would hit that, they had got us all – so we all left the attick station with tiny little one-man space saucers, with transparent round plexiglass bubbles closing our saucers from above

I was one of the first who reached our goal on that planet, where the hordes of the enemy had already conquered a huge castle building close to a shore, - we landed one after the other with our small space gliders on a small island with a small hill opposite to the shore with the castle – I saw some strange looking creatures in front of the castle, some of them looking in our direction, so I tried to hide behind that hill & told my other fellows while they arrived with their saucers, to quickly hide behind the hill. – But some of them were ignorant & climbed the hill to stare at that dark castle we ought to re-conquer. - & of course by their foolishnes we got recognized & the enemy started to shoot at us, which made all of us hide lying behind that hill. But the enemy shot with arrows diagonally in the air to fly over the hill & than hit us from above. – I succeeded to catch the first falling arrows with my hands, before they could hurt us, but I knew I couldn’t catch them all. – I also watched that more & more of the ork-like looking enemys now alarmed gathered at the beach, so I told my crew to spread & quickly attack them from all sides, because there was no chance for defending anymore & attacking was our only chance..

Of course I attacked too & while I reached the dense masses of enemy orkish warriors I had some fear to enter them, but also felt superior, because I knew by heart that we were somehow superior & probably they couldn’t really hurt me. –

From the moment when I reached them, I was alone, because my fellow fighters had started on different places & I lost any track of them. – I mowed my way through the heavy weaponed enemy masses by just chopping their heads off with something like a sword or a laser-sword (yes this dream was a mix of ‘Lord of the Rings’ & ‘Starwars’) – I was coming closer to the castle & I noticed a group of the enemies sitting on tables, - while I chopped the heads of those who attacked me I noticed, that these sitting orks feared that I’d kill them too & so somehow drafted in their heads inside their necks (they could do that), that it should look to me, like I had already chopped their heads. – I saw through their little trick, but I had merci on them, because they didn’t attack me & just wanted to survive, so I let them alive. – I wanted only to destroy those who wanted to kill me. –

Then I was inside that castle, where I thought, was the center of the enemy, but it seemed absolutely empty – big halls with passages deeper into the building. – but no-one around.

I saw a basket on one of the tables of the big hall – I went there, opened it’s lid & saw a tiny baby lying in it (like once Moses in a basket on the Nile in Egypt) – but while I watched the little babyt, it started to grow, fed by my gazing at it & while it grew I felt like it was spreading something evil over me & like hypnotizing me, getting me under it’s control – my limbs began to move uncrontolable like under distant command - I quickly closed the lid again – but I felt changed for awhile, like I couldn’t act on my own anymore, like I would act in accordance to this enemy – the effect slowly ceased after I had closed the lid, - but curious I opened it again, - the baby was already much bigger & started growing again – so again I closed quickly the lid again, before it could overwhelm me & getting too much influence over me & before it would grow to more & more strength until it was uncontrolable – I felt this baby was the source of all that evil that came from that castle to overrun & conquer the world.

I went on to a passage in the background, of the castle I ws reaching a deep abyss which I crossed somehow. Behind that crevice I found a group of medieval people sitting on a long row of tables & benches on festive banquet. (like on king Artus court) – I sat myself asides
at one of the benches & watched a young person sitting in the middle of the feasting party who seemed to be the young prince, but seemed still a bit awkward, foolish & me – I felt that I had to support him, & to teach & train him to make him stronger & able enough to fight the evil as the future king. & I started to talk with him, giving him him on one hand some appreciation (to make him accept me) , but also began to suggest how he could improve his style & behaviour to become really apt to his role as future king. (probably I’m abetter councellor than a king..)..

In this situation I woke up & so I’ll never know whether this young clumsy prince will ever succeed in fighting the evil - - but I do hope so, because I don’t want to meet that baby of evil in one of my future dreams again...

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