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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-25 - 6:03 a.m.

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the lost song

While my guitar gently weeps

this morning I woke up with a guitar riff in my head – I really had just dreamt about a class reunion of a class in my early youth (the start of gym) – I saw olderly people there which were my formerly classmates & in fact didn’t recognize anyone of them anymore – some of us were sitting on long benches at tables – some who had apparently become meanwhile somehow very successful & famous were preparing something like a show or a show-off –

I saw that some of them had beautiful & most precious musical instruments, mainly guitars & I really got greedy to get one of these excellent guitars into my hands, to just play some chords.

Of course I couldn’t reach them, because their owners were close by, ready for their appearance & wouldn't allow me to use their precious instruments & you just can’t steal their guitars away moments before they are needed.

But there was one guitar, the only one that was not that precious & excellent, which I could take & started to play at once –

I played an A-minor chord & D-minor chord mixing it with the E chord – I was aware that there was audience around, & tried to improve my playing with some inlets of single notes, making quicker changes between the chords – changed the D-minor also to E-minor (you can make that on guitar by just sliding two rows up) & found after a while into a quick played rhythm, attracting my audience at once –

.. but then I woke up – with just that rhythm in my ear – I knew exactly the chords I just had played in my dream & maybe it was a real superior song. –

but I was late already next morning & had a lot to do today – so missed the chance, to take my guitar & play that rhythm & chords I had dreamed of in real life..

Now it’s late in the evening & I have all forgotten this enchanting rhythm, but not the chords – but the chords don’t help – it’s the rhythm & changing of the chords, which make the song..
so the new big world song is lost forever, because the chance is very low, that I'll ever dream it again..

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