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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-03-09 - 5:59 a.m.

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sacrifize for greed

Switching around tv programs after hours of learning for my evening school – I got some glimpses of a new ‘Big Brother’ show - - no I don’t watch such shows regularly, because I sense it’s concept as dehumanizing – well it’s voluntary that a small group of ‘selected’ people go there in this containers with cameras focused on them all day & night – “look how cool I am! – See how strong & seductive I am! – Simply the best!” –
& like with the gladiators in the colloseum of old Rome, for the entertainment of people the producers of this cheap soap play all kind of games with contestants, nowadays not with swords anymore, but psychological games to see how they react on extreme situations for the high glee of the spectators. – ‘Let’s make them trust each other, judge each other, betray each other’ - mind games on human laboratory rats - (well but who cares in a world where crime, murder & terror’s high number daily harvest overrules the world in a lot of places)

but the situation I watched today was, that some of the members of this ‘experiment’ had to live in a cave bit iron bars inside a big living room, while all the other members could move freely in all the rooms & areas inside that big brother playgrounds – I don’t know , why 3 of the members had to stay inside that cage with size about 10 times 5 meters, but the situation was that the rest of the members – those who could move freely around had to vote whether those 3 prisoners had to stay in that cage for one more week, or otherwise they would get nothing to eat for a week than cabbage, cabbage soup etc. - & the result of the ballot was ‘no cabbage soup – let em stay in prison as long as we have good food - solidarity is rare & solidarity with words is easy, but with deeds? – why not let someone else do it!-

hm –not that I care about the artificial fate of those ‘so-called’ prisoners, but the decision of those still ‘free’ is so typical for all mankind, for all the situation in the world between rich & poor – between the free & the enslaved – those who are used to a certain standard, would never give up a small degree of their high life style standard for the benefit to give better conditions to others, who grant their high standard – ‘let them starve, let them be in prison, enslaved or even die, as long as our life standard doesn’t get lower’ –
& wasn’t it the same principle when ancient tribes with dark religions sacrificed some victims of their tribe to some presumed godly demons to prevent damage from their next harvest?

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