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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-03-11 - 2:49 a.m.

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strange coincidences in dating

From time to time in my life there are really strange coincidences accumulatiing, - good or bad things happening not at all or all at the same moment –

It’s like these things when no-one calls you for days – while you have a lot of time & nobody is reachable, - but at other times, while you are really busy & don’t have time for anyone, than & most friends remembers me on the same afternoon & they all call me, need me, just steal away my most precious time, I need for the task I’m busy about. –

Either you get no invitation at all on Saturday night or 3 at once & then some are insulted because you prefered another invitation – you have to be good in feigning on such occasions.

At christmas eve, when I hadn’t planned something special, but avoided like every year to be at my parents home (never on 12.24) – I thought it would be nice if someone else would invite or even call me that evening – but nothing this year – while on other hand on New Year’s Eve I got 5 invitations to spend the evening - & hmm – I refused them all, because I didn’t feel like being under people, but I felt quite happy & satisfied, that I had got all these invitations.

Well this was the prologue – but since yesterday I have the same problem of decision again & the coincidences are incredible.

In the last 2 years I detected 2 woman with beautiful sensible voices & aura – I don’t want to compare them – they’re totally different – & anyway I don’t like these comparisions in music – who is better? – which music is more sophisticated – argh- that’s not the way I listen to music – I don`’t compare classic music to rock’n’roll – I didn’t compare the Beatles to the Rolling Stones (I liked them both) – I believe in music that goes to my heart & feelings, - it’s good music if it touches me & resembles my feelings – if it makes me feel good, or even sad – than I know it’s really good music. – If it really touches my soul it’s precious & just don’t care about any sophisticated music experts who tell me otherwise, because you just can’t understand music only with your brain.

The first of these 2 special singers was Veronica Gonzalez from Chile – I was in her concert by chance 2 years ago on the’ (bard’s meeting) ‘Barden-Treffen where here in Nuremberg each summer about 50 different bands & musicians of different cultures & folklore play for 3 days on a lot of places all around Nurembergian city area. –& got really intrigued & enthusiastic by Veronicas voice & attitude in concert – later on I ordered on her website all of her CD’s – my fave song is still ‘Saudade’
You can listen to it here on: her site

The other wonderful voice I detected one year later by a recommendation was Anjani with her fine jazzy, sensitive voice. – I already wrote about about her here
where on some links you can also listen to some of her most precious songs. – after hearing the beauty & tenderness of her voice in her songs I also ordered at once her cd ‘Blue Alert’ via amazon.

Here my both muses:

Veronica - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Anjani
(Indian-Spanish ancestors) (Hawaiianian-American ancestors)

So what about the mentioned coincidences? – Listen:

a) First concordance was, that while I listened to Veronica Gonzales in that concert singing ‘Saudade’ it so touched my soul, that I had tears in my eyes.
When I listened to Anjani’s songs at first, there was one so touching that I had tears in my eyes too.
b) to both Ladies I wrote an e-mail to tell how much I liked their music & voices - (I never wrote to any musician in my life before) & both have answered me with very tender words.

c) so last week Veronica wrote me a mail, that she is coming to Nuremberg again & invited me to her concert –
yesterday I got a mail by Anjani, who’s coming to Europe together with Leonard Cohen to present her new CD to the press & invited me to come to one of her ‘not public’ concerts in either, London, Oslo or Warzawa (Poland) – that was an intriguing idea – I thought maybe either London or Warsaw – in London there would probably be too much audience & there’ll be only a very limited number of visitors allowed. – & the date of the London concert was in the middle of the week (like also Oslo) & only Warsaw was on weekend, where I could maybe go. – so I looked already for train connections (oh it would need more than 10 hours to go there by train) & then for plane connections & prices - the cheapest flight would be about 320 Euro -& then there had to be on or 2 nights hotel too – hmm – could I afford it – I got meanwhile only a part-time job

while I was looking for all this trip connections I remembered the invitations to Veronica’s concert & yes right – it is exactly the same evening, when Anjani will be singing in Warsaw.

So I have to make a decision - & what a really very strange coincidence – why do my prefered singers invite me for exactly the same date? – are the jealious at each other?

But meanwhile in life I’m kinda got used to these strange incredible coincidences in my life – who wrote the filmscript of my strange life anyway?

Ps: I really liked to go to Anjani Thomas in Warzaw this time (because I ‘ve been in a Veronica Gonzalez concert already last summer), but I probably just can’t afford it – so dear Anjani next time you have a concert in Europe - please come closer to my place!

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