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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-03-14 - 3:13 a.m.

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Sin maiz hay no pais!

Yesterday I saw a report about Mexico – in fact all reports I hear of Mexico are somehow desastrious – well this report was about tortillas – not specially about tortillas, but about, that a lot of Mexico's inhabitants can’t afford them anymore –
While talking about tortillas I just searched in google about the ingredients of tortillas – yes it’s mainly corn (maize) – there was also the information that in Mexico annual per capita consumption of tortillas is about 410 lb., or as you can see, a little over 1 lb. per day, and in rural areas it is estimated that tortillas provide about 70% of the caloric intake).

Corn is since long the Mexican main national food – so why can’t poor Mexicans afford it any longer? - the answer is it's economic dependence to the USA. (privately I call it a typical Inka-syndrom)

Mexico once had a lot of maize farmers & corn fields to guarantee harvests of enough corn & tortillas for the whole population. – But then in the USA corn was produced much cheaper with a lot of subventions, so Mexico imported masses of corn from the USA, - Tortillas became really cheap & a lot of Mexican corn farmers had to give up producing corn & planted other weeds on their fields.

But recently USA detected a little bit of sense for environment protection in it's public conscience – which it had outragiously neglected since long decades before - & decided to produce Ethanol with corn as fuel for cars to get more independent to gas & gas prizes. – a lot of farmers in the USA produce meanwhile corn for fuel & the cheap corn for Mexico isn’t availabla anymore. –

Which means that corn prizes in Mexico explode – Tortilla bakers get bankrupt, because only about 20 or 30 percent of now over-expensive Tortillas are getting bought anymore.

It probably needs some years, till Mexican farmers start to plant maize again like in former times. But maybe when they just have started to get autarchic again, then maybe in the USA another more effective source of alternativie energy & fuel is detected. – US- corn is getting cheap again & so again Mexican farmers will get ruined. –

It’s really hard to be dependant of such a big economic power like the USA.

About 700.000 people from spanish speaking countries (mainly from Mexico) migrate each year to the USA. – In about or 5 US states the majority is already spanish speaking. - & Spanish is second official language in these states (e.g. California ) – Spanish population averagely get much more children than the caucasian type. – so sooner or later it gets all Spanish anyway – free tortillas for all – but of course if ever so it’s not becoming a united Mexico, because the richer ones never will unite with the poorer ones..

Another desastrious problem & a ticking time bomb in Mexico is ‘water’ better said ‘no water’. –
Huge Mecico city, built over an old Aztekian town formerly full of water channels, has such an huge consumption & wastage of water, that it has dried all of the old water channels already, a nearby big river is only a small dirty creek, because most all of it’s water is pumped into Mexico City – they dig deep wells to take the ground water till far away in the country side, to fulfill the greed & need of Mexico City for water, leaving the fields of the farmes dry & let the people on the countryside starve, while on the other hand, the rich in Mexico city spend are spending water lavishly – a lot of water is just wasted in the ground, because of a lot of rusted broken drains, which lose huge amounts of that precious liquid, that’s stolen from the countryside.

Viva Mexico – there’s desaster on your tracks, - but you’ll find signs for coming catastrophes about everywhere in our dying world, not to mention that bees are dying out in the USA..

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