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helper syndrom vs. lost energy

Sometimes I try to fight my natural helper syndrom – since it’s been stealing so much of my (most precious time) in the last view years.

Probably all ‘experts’ have the same problem – the car mechanic, the doctor, the craftsman – those special abilities that are so expensive - in private life under friends & aqquaintances, a lot of people take advantage of the opportunity to get free advice & fixing of what is broken in their lives –
“can you take a look at my car?” – & at a party under friends they ask the invited doctor “can you take a look at my belly? – can you give me advice how to treat my bad shoulder?” –

I believe people should help each other, neighbours & friends should/could to aid & help each other voluntarily & not only for money. - but on the other hand if you have a special ability which everybody needs, while none your neighbours has anything like that - you have to be very carefull - it's like owning a treasure, that everybody around you is greedy to get his share..
“Can you do me a favour? in this case “ is a very one way connection of friendly exchanchge – because usually they have no specail abilities you could need at all – (well they could clean your flat), but that’s a thing you could never ask for.

I’ve been a programmer & software developer since the pioneers time of home PC’s in the late 80ies. - I’ve been working for long long years in software companies & I got meanwhile my 8th PC already – Of course I know how to build them up, how to install & prevent dangers of viruses, how to make websites etc.etc.

Now the pioneers time is over & every fool has his PC meanwhile. – They don’t know how to handle or to treat or feed their computers in the least, because they think it’s just another media machine, like tv, video-player & mp3-player – but of course they need someone to tell them where to push the button.

I can’t remember anymore how often in the last few years I had helped beginners to computers – means friends & relatives in endless hours to install, to teach, to cure their broken systems – in 99 % percent I could fix their problems, but it’s often a tedious long time of installing & research –

I didn’t mind to help my friends for free- because that’s what friends are for – to be friends is no business relation

But later on some of them started to give on reference to me as computer doctor – so I also helped 3 neighbours of a friend fixing for hours their simple PC problems – I warned this friend – ‘please don’t tell other people anymore, that I’m fit to fix PC’s – or if you tell them, tell them that they should pay me accordingly..

Yes I always like to help people & I think we could would live in a better world if all people behaved like that, helping each other in need, without thinking of reward. – But we live in a commercialized world were people only work for money & spend the rest of the time to do their own private thing. – No neighbourhood help systems in the big cities anymore. –
So if you’re the one who helps people for free you’`ll get exploited over & over & you get nothing back.

If I helped people on their computer problems I never asked for money – some few gave me voluntary some amount & Im meanwhile about deciding, that all not-friends –so the aqquaintances of some friends should pay for my work, these endles hours of bug fixing & installing is that tedious & just wastes my most precious time..

But back to reality: so last Monday my friend Ghasem who is always that helpful, not only with his own energies, but also with mine, asked me, whether I could help to get a printer for his friend & install it – well a simple task – I told them where to buy it at best price & promised to help them install it, when they got it. - - so some days later – last Monday they took me in the early evening to my friend’s friend’s place to install the new printer, which needs usually about 10 or 15 minutes. - -

But while we unwrapped the printer, I noticed, that there was no printer cable (USB) in that box available..

Argh – I should have known that before, because since some time – all these greedy big printer manufacturing companies don’t add the ‘cheap cable’ that is used to connect it with the PC anymore – that means that millions of printer buyers get angry while detecting at home, that they have to buy an extra cable to install that printer. – In fact the mass of unaware people don’t even know what is missing & have to call an expert, to tell them..

OK – so no computer installation this evening – my job was done – but then this Toni (my friends’ pal) didn’t miss the chance to tell me of his other PC problems (in fact – the whole PC was a problem to him) – he asked me to research his headset, which didn’t worked – I found out after some time that they were simply broke. –
He asked me to implement a route planning system on his PC, which was of course just adding a simple link on his favorites list –

He asked me, how he could buy things in ebay, because he needed a machine for his job-
I found that fitting machine in ebay with bidding end 2 day to go – I told him that I had to register him to ebay before he could bid there – he was very hesitating to register – I told him, that he no plights while registering, he had only to pay if he’d buy something – so we made his registration - & of course I needed his e-mail adress for the registration – it needed some time until he found – but well, he had a business card with his mail adress on it –

So after finishing the registration to ebay we were waiting for response mail, which has to be confirmed.

Well this Toni couldn’t even tell me how he received hes mail, what e-mail system he was using anyway? – the mail adress he had told me was of, a free mail account like gmx or hotmail etc. – I found an outlook on his screen & while I started it I found over 200 unread mails in the inbox – he apparently had never before looked in that before –I noticed with a quick glance, that there were a lot of flirtline mails etc. in it - - he asked me to delete them all – still unread –which I did – a little while later I noticed that the e-mail adress connected to his outlook wasn’t that adress he had given me before & which was written on his business card - -

While I told him about it – he was totally surprised & I got aware that he had no idea what an e-mail is, what’s the purpose of e-mailing is & how the the hell it’s working. – & that he had an e-mail adress on his business card, which he had no idea to receive those mails –
I wonder how many orders he`d already lost because of never reacting to any mail inquiries –

The mail adress on his card was something with – so I told him we could look on his account now to check his mails & of course also that response of ebay –
But to get there in I needed his password – Yes right! – He had no idea what & why a password & where it could be – so he searched for papers of his internet account provider, which were of course in this case useless to me. – I asked him about who had made this account for him – he tried to remember -& I told him he should ask that guy for his password – he must have told it to you -..

When me & Ghasem left him, I told him to call me again, if he had gotten that password & also that cable (I had written the name of the needed cable on a paper & told him where to get it.

He wanted to call me within the next 2 days, but of course didn’t do so - maybe these hard tasks I gave him, needs him weeks to fulfill them, which is fine with me.

Since in the last few years every simple minded persons ( I avoided to say ‘idiot’) has his own PC, the standards are getting lower & lower - the pioneers & experts are few – while the mass of PC idiots are many – so it’s understandable, while also disgusting, that big business computer industry customizes standards to all those PC-idiots that don’t understand anything about computers, but want a computer to behave like a big meda machine to play their videos, their mp3’s - give them chat-rooms & let’s view their sex-sites – more than 3 buttons to press would really overextend their abilities..

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