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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-04-10 - 6:30 a.m.

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there's a war between the good & the evil..

Since my youth sometimes I imagined that all the countries in the world are some kind of monsters or wild beasts, behaving in their own strange ways, their nations interest’s greeds & needs, their stubborn nation pride, their cumulated beliefs emanating in the dictatorships & power concentrations of rulers & governments, so giving every monster state a typically face, - this one is a bear, that one is a tiger, the other one a wild boar, a skunk, a weasel, a hamster or whatever.

But I’m always aware that every country consists of all kind of different people, the good, the bad, the righteous, the cheaters, the peaceful, the violents, the law obedients & the criminals, the conscious people & the unconscious behaving, the responsible & the not caring, the political & the unpolitical, the lefties & the righties, the secular & the religious people, the greedy selfish & the caring altruistic people, the ruling & the dominating ones, the destructives & the constructives, the foolish people & the wise, the people with reason & those with crazy minds, the sinners & the saints, the fighters & the cowards, the people with own opinion & those just aligning to majority opinion, the rule setters & the rule followers, the rule disobeyers & the rule breaker punishers –those with property & those with no property at all,- the bevievers of one religion & the religion of another religion – the oil & whale companies & green peace - the pollutioners of our surroundings & those who fight against nature’s destruction the wolves & the sheep, the misused & the abusers, the insiders & the outsiders, the nationalist & the multicultural, the racists & the race interfering, the rich & the poor, the black & the white, the blondes & the black haired ones, the female & males – orange & blue etc. etc. – so there are tigers, sheep, wolves, hyaenas, bears, lions, peacocks, lepards, beetles & foxes in every country. – All kind of different people – how could someone with sound reason anyway say – these Chinese, those Americans, those Brits etc. ?

There’s a lot of differences always inside any country– there could be a war on each single difference I told above in every country – only compromizes & trying to understand the other side let the peace stay under the cover of compromize agreements , because all natural beliefs fought with power & violence to it’s last consequence’s deep end would lead to war of course – let’s lead a war because we prefer different lip gloss - - let’s warfare because we got different brands on our computer systems.

Of course there is no war inside a country because of these stupid little differences - democracies offer a lot of compromises, before the differences break out to violent confrontations of civil war – but religious wars – we had them long time ago, but now they happen again – racists genocide – we had it before, but it’s still going on – absolute discrimination & enslaving of women – we had it long time ago, but in some countries it’s still getting on. – it seems the crucial things never ever change

The source of evil never ceaces in our rotten old world with millions & millions of unaware, greedy & ignoring people in contrary to maybe some 1000ths wise people.

So I developed a country of my own, a very small country indeed, where only the voice of sound reason rules. –
It’s Unicornland – With only one mind – one opinion – no opposition at all - well I confess it’s only a very small country.

Someone wants to join my state?

Of course I wouldn’t allow anyone to join, because Unicorn state is a country with only me as single inhabitant & king of the realm, – My small country would simply fade away, if someone would join in – because by then it had to change it’s name to ‘Duocornland’ & it wouldn’t be original anymore .
well go to found your own state – we could make some partnership state agreements..

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