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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-05-01 - 3:47 a.m.

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fridges need a lot of energy too

today I found a google-earth plug in which should show which parts of the world would be down under water surface, if ever in near future the polar ice & all the glacers ("Gletschers") are melting - (while I write this I hear an report in tv about the Kilimanjaro where about 80 % of the glacers already had melted in the last 100 years - the Kilimanjaro with it's ice recources & deep wood belt on it, once built the water rescource for all the region - now as they're felling most of the big trees there & the ice is merciless melting - there seems no future for water there anymore - the report told that in about 2020 all the glacers there would be melted away..)

Do you live in a save zone - quick sell your property that's lieing in a zone that's gonna be drowned & flooded in near future - Netherlands & Belujistan quick sell your property - & move to higher grounds - let's settle on Mount Everest, the Rockys, the Pyraenaes, the Andes, the Himalaya & Alpes.

Are the estates prices already sinking on that threatened coast areas? & rising otherwise on the high mountain lanes?

I live about 300 meters above the Mean Sea Level - that should be enough for a while. -

What about all the harbour towns & villages on the beach in the world, about 1000ds of little isles like the Maledives, what about Venetia & St. Tropez? -

But as we human mankind are so careless & always think some scientists will find a solution just in time - of course the estate prices in those low situated countries are still high enough.

The Dutch think, we will continue to raise our dikes if Sea Level rises - the Belujistanis may concider living on rafts in the future, while the Venetians just think about elevating their houses by carving longer piles..

Maybe mankind should prepare to mutate to a species with gills again. Isn't genetic manupulation already ready for that challenge?

Well this under water plug-in didn't function so well - it just showed all the world under water - that was not the result I had expected & also apparently not the result it should provide.

Anyway while still in google earth, which of course fascinates me since the time I first had found it - I still kept moving around the globe, - looking on this or that country more closely - hover high above & dive in closer if any details attract me..

High above Africa I watched some knew symbols on the globe - I saw Darfur (in Sudan) from above & there where a lot of red flame symbols painted there - the border lines of Darfur were in colour orange..

Well we know about the homicide & massacres there - but that google earth is showing it was new to me - I watched also other symbols, like wildlife symbols etc. - Is google earth now getting politic & environment protection sensible?

Yes I saw a new menu-point there called "Global thinking" (which gave a quick thought: "who thinks for us so global?)- if you click it as active you'll get all these new indicators & informations.

Hmm - I quickly turned the globe to Israel & saw some orange & red lines around the Westbank, Golanheights & Gaza - I turned to the North of India, Kaschmir & Tibet & saw of course some orange & red lines there - but none in Taiwan , but also some on some isles on the north of Japan (they have a struggle with Russia about the property there)

but no flames in Iraq - seems all quite peacefull there!

PS: by the way - the report about the Kilimanjaro ended with the sentence: "the fate of the Kilimanjaro is the Mene-Tekel sign for all mankind"

- well hot times are coming - while one half will drown, the other half will die of thirst - we should start developing big refrigerators to build back the ice we need to survive...

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