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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-05-06 - 3:27 a.m.

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It works!

I am bachelor since some time & I care for a lot of things in real life, but not so much for all this householding & kitchen stuff - well sometimes I even cook - but it has to be quick & effectife - sometimes I cook a stew for some days - it's convenient if you just have to warm it up next day & not to have to take again care for the ingredients & all that tedious stuff -

But if I make a stew for some days with a lot of vegetables, noodles or rice & some chicken meat in it, I have to take the pot of course in the refridgerator to keep it fresh.

Well sometimes because it's still hot after rewarming it - I forget to put it back in the fridge & so of course it gets spoiled & I have to throw it away -
- so this evening while I put the still hot pot with stew (Eintopf) back to the kitchen to let it cool down & of course knew that the chances were high, that I might forget it again, I had a nice idea for a reminder - I put an empty milk can, I was about to throw in the garbage bin, to my working place & put it in front of my right besides my PC - what an insult to eye. - Just to see it there gave me the feeling to just put it to the bin. - & yes it was a good reminder - because indeed, this evening I got so remembered that I put back my soup in the fridge, while even it was lukewarm -

A similar trick I have developed if I visit friends for hours, while having shopped before having some fresh food like meat & milk with me & store it while I'm there in their fridges - of course in most cases - especially if you stay there all evening - I forget it in their fridges while leaving - so my trick to avoid that is, that I hang a thing, a ribbon, a casket, a bag or something on the inside door handle - & yes it works - just while leaving you get remembered - "aah there was something I just forgot!"

I remember in my youth having seen an operetta where one of the actors in a scene made a knot in his handkerchief to remember an importing message he had to give on - yes in the next act when in that scene he should have give his important message on - he took that handkerchief out of his pocket & just wondered why there was an untidy knot in it & just undid it - while we children in the audience tried unheard to raise his attention to his real task..

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