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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-05-27 - 4:38 a.m.

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the convenience of trusting

& then there was this farmer coming regular in town to sell his country products like fresh eggs, potatoes & stuff like that -

the way he does it - he parks his van loaden with country fruits on a side street & then goes around with a big bell in his hand, ringing it & screaming "Kartoffeln" (potatoes), "Eier" (eggs) & something else I never understand -

then he goes to every house on the street & rings at all doorbells - very aggressively - "the potato farmer is here" - come all down to buy his healthy fresh country fruit, you can't avail anywhere in else than just by him - hmm - because I'm a lazybone & live on third floor I never go down on such occasions - I buy my stuff usually in the supermarket - but recently I had a patriotic feeling for health stuff & supporting that farmer & country life anyway & really went down to buy a sack of potatoes from him - I didn't care, that they were a bit more expensive, than in the supermarket, but they were natural & fresh from the country-side from a real still existing farmer (we should support them before they die out) -
So after I bought that sack of potatoes he friendly heaved it to the front door of my house - & there I was alone with my 20 kg sack of potatoes & me - all alone together & it was me who had to heave it all way up to the third floor -

Easily I put it on my back & went up with it step by step - quickly I put it down again on about the 3rd step of the stairway - 20 kg is really heavy - probably twice as much than 10 kg -
I pulled it upwards with a new technique - just pulling it stair by stair one up, let it rest a short while & then pulled it on -

I was exhausted when I reached the first floor & thought "Is it worth this exhaustion for some poor potatoes, for still 2 stories more to go? - I thought "Definetly Not!" -

Potatoes should be ready to eat on my plate, not exhausting me while pulling them to my plate.

Hmm - I had a wise idea - I left the sack of potatoes on the first floor - went upstairs to my flat - wrote something a thick pencil on a paper which I fixed on the top of that sack of potatoes. - The message was "Ich bin ein Sack Kartoffeln auf dem Weg nach oben. Wer hilft mir dabei?" (I'm a potato-sack on it's way upwards. Who helps me on my way?) -

So I left that sack over night - not caring whether someone would steal or what else would happen to those potatoes.

Next day when I left my flat on 3rd floor I found, that my wise plan had really worked out - someone of the neighbourhood had really read my note & had heaved that heavy potato-sack upward to my floor.

This gives me trust in my anonymouse neighbourhood - I never found out, who it was, but someone was there who did it & helped me carry my weight. - Sometimes you just have to ask.

This gives me ideas - what would happen, if you give a letter addressed to a person on the other end of town, to a person on the street, asking him to carry it in that direction as long as he goes that way & then giving it to another person, may walking in that direction, until finally the letter reaches his goal.

& what if you tell the person, that inside the letter are 50 Euros, & that he should only give it on to trusty persons? - My idea was to fix a list on that letter with a pencil on a cord - so that every transporting person could sign there - would the letter ever reach it's goal? - It would be a fine experiment about trusting a chain of unknown poeple & trusting their instinct to give it on to another trustworthy person

Hm - but maybe I should only put 20 Euros inside..

It really tickles me to do that - yes I'm that kind of person..

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