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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-06-19 - 3:25 a.m.

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A tear for those resistance fighters..

I just watched a film late this night in tv about the 'Geschwister Scholl' - the brother & sister Sophie & Hans Scholl with some friends under the name of 'Weiße Rose' (White Rose), students in Munich in the time of Hitlers regime, who spread opposition with a leaflets campaign in 1942 to 1943 against the hilarious insane way the German nationalism was leading & going it's way to doom - against that German 'IIIrd Reich' that in that time belieft to be the 'Herrenrasse' (superior Lords race), extinguishing Jews & so-called unworthy life, trying to get under control with unprovoked wars all about Europe -

see here more about the 'white rose movement'

they got soon caught & after these typical inquisitional Nazi jurors trials quickly got condemned to death sentences -

to see this film & got again aware of what happened then, the imprisonment, the last letters, interviews, fake trials & then quickly executioning them by beheading - was so sad to see - I had real tears in my eyes

just like yesterday when I read again about the case of Egypt blogger Karem - I wrote about him & see the plate with 'free Kareem' on the side of my diary

now he had birthday 'Today is Kareem Amer’s 23rd birthday, and also the 223rd day which he spends in prison' I yesterday read in

I wrote there a comment (usually I don't repeat a comment I wrote sometimes elsewhere, but since I write much more comments since recent, than in my own diary - maybe I should..) - so here the comment there:

first I've been quoting him:

I am not sad! I will never let them have the chance to psychologically ruin me by such arbitrary acts, which are mastered only by idiots. Such idiots have rigid thoughts with no power to stand firm against any free thinking that challenges well-established truths. They resort to full violence and cruelty to suppress it – an expression of their inability to confront it with counter thinking. The aim is to silence the voice of birds singing outside their own herd. They will never achieve such a goal!

& my comment to that:

when I read in this Kareem support site of his first letter from there this sentence above it gave tears in my eyes - the next two letters there were only in Arabic - maybe someone there who might translate them? - - but they’ve been all written in last November - so they apparently cut off any communication possibility to communicate to the outside anymore to him - cheap thugs who imprisoned a free bird down to their muddy dungeons of restricted minds - I hope they never achieve such a goal to make him silent..

it's all the same - it happened in the past - it happens now in a lot of countries in the world - it will happen again & again in the future & like alway there are so few people who care, aid & recognize them - because whatever dictatorship you live in - most people prefer to just duck & humble down & try just to be in line, to not get hurt or get disadvantages in their greedy, timid lifes. - while in the countries without dictatorships herd people are just too greedy, grabbing for their piece of pie, to care about those suffering on the outside -

some few people care - some very few people all the times & so about nothing is changing - it happened - it happens & it will happen again - greed doesn't care for those in need!

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