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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-06-24 - 1:33 a.m.

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Lies have short legs.

so 'my girl' (she's not my girl, but very close to me - & she's much younger than me) tonight she told me about an embarrasing moment she had this day

well she was driving in 'underground train', called 'U-Bahn' here in Nuremberg - a friend from Munich called her on the cell-phone: "Where are you?" - "I'm in the subway, driving home" - later on he asked her whether she was in Berlin - "No" - she said- "I'm in Augsburg now" -

he said "but there are no subways in Augsburg!!!"

This made her aware, that that lies have very short legs (or you should plan your lies next time more profoundly) ..

I told her that it needs much more energy in life to tell lies than to tell the truth (you always have to remember which fairytale you told to whom) - see Neil Young's song like that "..he told so many lies, he can't quite remember which lie he told to whom.." or something like that.

Well I hate to lie, but sometimes I feel it somehow necessary - in most cases to protect someone from someone else's questions - sometimes because someone asked me to promise him to not tell & another person asks me - but then I don't tell, means that I lie

You have to lie if your in enemies countrie & telling the truth means damage to you or related people.

Hmm & sometimes you have to lie, espiacially if women ask you how they look or how old you esteem them, to not hurt people just because you hate it to show them an ugly mirror - I see this kind of lies as an act of politeness.

I deeply hate to lie & made up stories really have short legs - I deeply try to avoid it, but sometimes I lie to protect someone from another & sometimes I lie to protect myself from over-curious questions by any fool out there, who want to enter my privacy -
well I'm a very true person to my close friends at least..

& that's allright for me!

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