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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-05 - 5:02 a.m.

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To pee or not to pee

so I was visiting my good friend Larine & her friend this evening – we talked & ate & drank, listened to music & all that kind of communication within the flow of a nice evening of being together..

well to separate it – I drank a cup of coffee there, then a glass of champagne, then some orange juice, later on some white wine – much later on also some red whine – I mixed later on the whine with juice, because I didn't want to drink that much tonight, because it's in the midst of the week & well I don't want to go with a heavy head to work -

so much much later on – when I head to go home to not miss my last train short after midnight – I felt a very urgent need to pee – I stepped into the underground & regretted, that I didn't had done that, while I was still there – I hoped I'd soon be home – but then when I had had to leave the underground to wait at the main station crosspoint for my tram to come it was harder to bear -
when finally the tram came & slowly moved into my home's direction, each stopping place got more tedious & my bladder lamented at every stop about the endurance -

so well finally I arrived at the station, where my bycicle was parked to get me on to my home, but while I sat on the bike I knew, that I couldn't make it on to my home – my bladder was about exploding – so help – I needed a very instant relief -

not living exaxtly in the center of Nuremberg, but still with no lonely parks & meadows around my home – I tried my luck in some sidestreets, where I remembered some bushes & trees & lonely places – while I drove there & finally after some 100 meters found a darker place with tree & some bushes, jumped off my bike, but then I watched a man just entering the the same sidestreet & slowly walking into my direction – well I couldn't wait anymore, till he had passed by – so I quickly jumped on my bike again – drove around the next corner where after some street lights also a some trees & bushes on a lawn offered an occasion – but while I drove there I watched a young couple in front of me about 20 meters in front of my goal -

well I was about to pee in my trousers – so I had to take my chance – the couple in front of me was slowly walking farther on – I watched a car that would give me shelter for peeing to a tree with low heavy branches behind it – so I did – what a relief – while doing so I watched cautiously around me to not be seen – ah – I was well hidden – but while a minute later I walked back to my bike I saw just that man who had prevented me on the street before some 100 meters ago, walking exactly up to the place I just had relieved myself –

so I had had a hard escape between the narrow districts of Nuremberg town for a safe after midnight pee..

Did you ever pee in your trousers? - I did one time in my life – it is a nasty experience & I don't want to have that again..

Funny thing I just saw yesterday an American film – it was about all & everything, but there was the situation where police woman stopped a young guy to control him, because he had stopped on a highway - she wanted his papers, show him by some tests that he is sober, but all he wanted to do, was to pee, because he had drunk some root beers before – he told her so & she said: “if you do so, I have to put you to prison!” - he said: “you can put me to prison, but only I have I have peed”, ran to fence nearby & peed – the police officer meanwhile drove away.

It's partly funny that in the USA peeing on the outside is forbidden by often strict penalties – of course it should be – if people by spite or low respectance pee on public places, houses etc. - but it shouldn't be forbidden at all if in need someone needs a secret place, because otherwise his bladder would may explode – I really watched in my youth a girl from my neighbourhood who couldn't hold it anymore & to her shame & blame it came all through her trousers down her legs on public street, while all we other kids watched – she ran away home weeping -

I believe it's better to find a secret place to find relief in peeing there, if you can't find a public place to do that or don't have time enough to reach you home & so your very private toilette - & I wander if US-law forbids to pee in the public includes an paragraph for – if you just can't hold it anymore – is then peeing through your trousers on a public place better, then trying to find a secret place & not peeing directly in your trousers.

Of course I don't like if people, especially men, pee around on public places etc (I even watched a drunk man exposing his genitals & peeing in early afternoon on a public crossroads in Nuremberg peeing on the street, while a lot of car traffic was around him, & also a lot of pedestrians walked around there & saw it – but no-one really reacted – they all tried to look disgusted away – just like me – because who wants to see an old drunkard peeing in public?

But on the other hand: Some people have a weak bladder - Should they go to prison for that like US law claims? - but in the country of the free where alcohol drinking is public is forbidden, but you see everywhere people drinking alcohol through brown bags, it's probably a better way to if in need to pee through trousers, than just in the natural way – in the the way the way of the free hypocrites...

In my youth there was a young girl with her mother coming in to my parents home – she was holding her hand between her legs (to hold it) & just the moment when she had entered our house & in front of the toilet it came all down her legs – it's that mental problem about everyone in that situation has – you can hold it for hours & hours, but while you're almost there – something in your mind tells you, that you're there & your bladder begins to open – it really needs hard mind discipline & training to refuse that.

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