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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-25 - 2:28 a.m.

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a small transportation problem

my friend Larine is about to to relocate to another place here in Nuremberg – some flat closer to the city, cheaper, but also very smaller & in my minds eye much to expensive for that that small flat (30 qm but 400 Euro! - I know people who have flats twice as big for that price) -

she had lived in a refurnished flat, but had bought a closet & a cupboard there & and the last day before removing, had the idea to bring them over to her new flat – she had somehow trouble with her landlord, who became a bit too familiar to her, not to say molesting -

so it was a 'Nacht- und Nebel-Aktion' (night & fog) means in the last evening before the day she had to go she wanted to get her things out – to not have trouble with her landlord on the last day (she feared that she would have may difficulties to get her things out later on ..

But how to transport these 2 parts of furniture? - she had very late started to think about this little problem - all the days before she was about to buy stuff for her new flat or to transport small things from her old flat to there. - she had ordered a new bed which needs some weeks to come & she has to pay about 100 Euro just for transport & get it installed in her new flat. - she had also ordered an easy chair – which would also cost her about 40 Euro just fro the transport..

this was the what theme we were just talking about, while driving in a taxi to her new flat – I noticed that the taxi we were driving was a very big one, like a little van, a taxi to transport a group of people & maybe things also? - So I asked the driver wether it could also transport things like sofa's or easy chair's or maybe a closet, if it was took apart to it's single pieces of single planks (boards) – the taxi-driver said: “a sofa may not, but easy chair & those closet & cupboard in pieces – of course! - it would only cost 5 Euros more than normal Taxi transport.

Remember this was big transport Taxi number 1

Later on I talked with Larine & we decided to transport her small furniture with one of these transport taxis, instead of renting a much more expensive van over the weekend.

Ok – so in this Saturday night it needed much longer time to put apart those cubicles & to put all the rest of her belongings in bags & cases, before we could call the transport taxi

in fact we had already a transport taxi, because earlier this evening while we took a taxi from the new to the old flat (yes Larine is a taxi woman, means she wastes a lot of money, while much cheaper transport systems like subway or tram are available) – this taxi was also one of those big van taxis – I asked the driver, whether he may could later on in the night transport Larine's small furniture – he agreed – we said we would call him at about 2 o'clock in the night & he gave us his private number.

Remember this was big transport Taxi number 2

15 minutes after 2 a.m. Larine tried to call him for about 10 minutes, while we had already moved the furniture peaces from her backyard appartment to the street – but his telephone was all the time occupied – we just couldn't reach him

hm – so next try – we called the taxi center to send us one of those transport taxis & also told them what stuff we had to transport.

5 minutes later the taxi arrived – while we talked with the driver & he saw our boards leaning to the front wall of that house – he looked very disgusted – he was a young turkish man with wet gel styled hair & didn't wanted to get involved in some furniture transporting trouble – he told us – the sharp edges of our board may could slit his leather seats & simply refused to transport our stuff.- I told him that we had explicitly had asked for a taxi to transport a cabinet, but he told us that he got informed about some luggage

Remember this was big transport Taxi number 3

Oohm we felt a little bit helpless – standing out there in the night at about 3-o'clock in the morning – with all that furniture already on the street & getting aware that any taxi driver in whole Nuremberg would refuse to transport 'unsere Mφbel' –

Larine lost any hope to get another taxi for transport, - we were thinking about other possibilities to rent a van may next day, but next day was Sunday – no way in small town Nuremberg to lend a van this day - but I told her: “Try it again on the Taxi center – & explain them explicitly what kind of luggage we'd like to get transported” -

So she did – but had no hope that any taxi would come to fetch us with our inconvenient luggage & were already thinking about moving all that stuff back in, when I saw another taxi van coming along – but it passed our house yet driving very slowly – like the driver was searching for the place where he should stop – apparently he had not seen us – the pavement here was about 6 meters broad & we were standing directly at the door – I ran to the street & waved behind him – he stopped 50 meters further on & returned (see this was transport Taxi No 4) -

but while he was trying to drive backwards on the sidewalk, I saw another big transport taxi (no. 5) arriving) – while taxi no. 4 drove back to street, but then again on the pavemen – a maneuver, I didn't quite understand - I wondered whether there'd be a struggle of these taxi-drivers about us as passengers or whether some more transport taxis would arrive..

I thought who came first – has the first right of course – so went to the driver of taxi 4. But he just shrugged his shoulders & pointed out, that he had to wait for the police, because he had just driven against a traffic sign on the street, apparently just in some moments before when had turned to the street & back again.

Hmm – so I went to the next taxi driver - & to my surprise, he was ready & willingly to transport us & boards to the Larine's new flat – he neither cared about his seats, nor had he just driven down a traffic sign. - In fact he was very helpful while moving the furniture in & later out again – he did even help us to bring them all the way up to her new flat – & all for only 20 Euro (Larine gave him a big tip too). - Well Larine is very beautiful & a lot of woman like to be very helpful to her – I doubt, he would have done that much for me.

While we drove with him Larine told him about that other arrogant taxi driver before, who was afraid we'd damage his seats & I asked him why 2 taxis had arrived in the same time while we had only called for one – what about co-ordination? - He said, that he was the one who got the order to take us & only one single taxi gets one order – but may the other 'unlucky one' had gotten the information of that taxi driver before who refused to take us – so when the next taxi (no 5) came, he had quickly tried to get away, which made him drive that sign down & made him then return again, because of course he would lose his licence if he'd not wait for the police to arrive..

well at least Larine got the business card of the last friendly helpful taxi driver if ever we are in need to transport other furniture in Nuremberg around..

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