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Nόrnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-27 - 5:01 a.m.

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old ladies welcome

Being in a hurry & becoming impatient with people slower than you that hinder you to quickly reach your goal - runs hand in hand.

If I go to work & buy my daily bread roll just some minutes before I enter my tram to my working place – which usually needs about half a minute – it gets a bit tedious if there are more than one person stands in row before me – I have to calculate the time I need to get my poppy-seed roll, because my tram doesn't wait & if the row is too long I have to leave & go without breakfast to my office – but sometimes it's not a row of people, but just one single one person – often a single old lady – who needs so much time to chose & ask & decide under all these different kinds of breads of breads, rolls, cakes, cookies etc. - which needs soo much time, that I get enervated & give up to just reach my tram – well nothing against olderly ladies – they have the right to chose & be undecisive for any long time they want, but I'd prefer, they wouldn't do that just in front of me in the line..

so today I was driving slowly on the sidewalk with my bike home – the small street with parking cars & tram line seemed on this place a bit to dangerious to drive there for me - usually I come well along with pedestrians, because I drive cautious & carefully & really slowly if I come close to pedestrians. - & well there was this old lady in front with which I just couldn't pass, because when I wanted to pass her on the right, she turned to the right & otherwise – so I was slowly driving behind her, waiting for my chance to pass her – the chance came on the next crossing just some meters before the traffic lights, when the sidewalk got much broader – but just when I wanted to take my chance & pass by her, she abruptly changed her course to just step in my way – I had even to get off my bike & of course missed the still green traffic lights – but at least succeeded while crossing that street to overtake her -

so while about 20 meters in front of her I heard a faint call, which repeated – I was just about to drive on, but curiously looked book who was shouting for whom -

It was the olderly lady, which, while seeing her face now, was very old - & I noticed that she was calling me – while I gave her attention, she pointed to some place on the side of the street behind her – I watched & noticed it as my yellow linnen bag, with my new Harry Potter volume inside, which had apparently just fallen of the package porter of my bike – while I quickly went there & thanked her so much – & picked up my precious bag up – she begged off to me, because she could only speak with a very faint voice anymore - I said 'thank you' again & thought it was probably me who had to excuse..

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